1. Apply gel or quality lotion Apply a suitable

by:GEMAY     2020-08-24
2. Switch the power ON 3. Choose the Right mode C: Cleansing (apply ultrasound gel) M: Massaging (apply ultrasound gel) N: Nutritionn L : Liftingg W: Whiteningg W: Wrinkle Care 4. Select Ultrasonic, Galvanic Ion or both For the massaging and cleansing mode, select ultrasonic wave. This will help remove the waste inside your skin. For lifting, nutrition, whitening and wrinkle care modem, select the galvanic ion mode. Galvanic ion enhances the absorption of cosmetic ingredients. For whitening, apply quality whitening lotion. For wrinkle care apply an anti-oxidant or Vitamin C rich lotion. For best results select both the ultrasound and ion mode. When ultrasonic and galvanic ion mode are used at the same time, the permission through the out skin layer will be 77 times better than using the ultrasonic mode or galvanic mode separately. 5. Move the facial head around your face Move the treatment head of the facial massager in circle following the formation of the muscles. See illustrations for the directions. Do not stop moving the treatment head in use, about the rate of 5 centimeters within 1 second. The power will shut off automatically. Move the fyola face massager around your cheeks slowly strike the face massagers around nose. 6. Wash your face After using the facial massager, clean your skin with water or tissue papers. 7. Clean the Fyola Facial Massager Clean the treatment head with tissue papers after use. Step 1 - Cleansing Mode The cleansing mode of the facial massager removes skin waste, keratin or sebum. The cleansing mode of the Fyola Facial Massager gives you a clean and clear skin through Ionzyme by using galvanic ion and ultrasonic waves together. The Cleansing mode forces keratin, sebum and other skin waste to be scattered up on the epidermis and dermis off the epidermal layer by dissolving them. Step 2 - Massaging Mode Massaging mode of Fyola helps make skin tissues elastic and more beautiful. It stimulates the metabolism by using positive/negative ions and ultrasonic waves together. The massaging mode activates your skin cells. Massaging your skin will make the skin more elastic and healthy by activating skin cells and tissues on the epidermal and dermal layer through a quick stir of positive ions and negative ions, and therefore promoted the regeneration of basal cells. Step 3 - Nutrition Mode The nutrition mode is used to maximize the absorption you quality lotion or moisturizer. The nutrition mode of Fyola moisturize your your skin by pushing the nutrition products deep into your skin tissues through ionic inducements. Step 4 - Lifting Tight Lifting mode of the fyola massager makes your skin tissues elastic and more beautiful. Give yourself a facial toning! It activates the elastin fibers and collagen by using positive/ negative ions and ultrasonic waves. At the same time it pushes the ingredients of your quality lotion or facial serum into your skin. Use the lifting mode to make your skin tissues more elastic. By using the lifting mode of the facial massager, it will tighten your sagging facial muscle by using positive and negative ions.
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