2, a total of 9 gear, can add and subtract operation, gear display shows. 1 - 3 hit frequency than the ring gear, strength is small, comfortable

by:GEMAY     2020-07-01
Noise, noise is very small, before a six-speed sometimes basic can be ignored. Voice slightly behind the big gear, but it is not noise, perfectly acceptable. Of stability is also very good, work condition, set the gun will not fall on the flat ground. 3, long standby time. I will use 10 - after I exercise every day 20 minutes, sometimes I have to get the office at noon to relax with the colleague also use. Thus, two weeks to charge. Four hours is full of charge. 4, the effect: fascia gun really useful. Said the point, the working principle of fascia gun is very simple, is the high frequency vibration. This kind of vibration to achieve accurate and stable, high frequency, depth of features is useful. Depth of vibration is very important, muscle in damaged or produce adhesion after high intensity exercise, this is the way to protect muscle body, but also hinder the muscle recovery. Need external pressures such as vibration, pressure to help push aside muscle adhesion, so as to speed up muscle recovery. But some deep muscles are difficult to traditional massage or bubble axis role to relax, so deep fascia guns struck just played its importance. By high frequency vibration fascia gun to stimulate muscle, tendon, it could reduce the muscle pain that raise the pain threshold, promote blood circulation and lymphatic circumfluence, promote tissue repair and growth, improve proprioception, release the scar tissue, reduce lactic acid accumulation. Summarizes advantages: 9 shifting speed dynamic stability, high frequency texture fine durable one year warranty, trust of homebred brand, should support the disadvantages: slightly sunken corresponding video guide and lacking slightly more expensive, but is indeed a penny a points goods, in short, if you want to buy a pair of fascia gun, I think it should be rest assured of choice.
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