3 of the Most Popular Fitness Classes for Women

by:GEMAY     2020-05-02
Getting in shape is a tough task for many women. With yo-yo dieting and falling off the exercise wagon, it is so easy to sit on the sofa and stuff your face with a large box of chocolates. Most women have probably tried just about everything in order to achieve a slim and slender figure. Over the past few years, fitness classes have become an increasingly popular option to help shift the extra pounds. Here at the top three exercise classes that you just have to try! Zumba Zumba is the latest craze to sweep the nation because it is more like a party than an exercise class! The aim of these exhilarating and motivating sessions is to help you dance off the calories and learn some new moves that you could take with you on your next night out with your friends. With the popularity of Zumba fitness continuing to grow, there are now various other classes for you to participate in including water based classes and sessions that specialise in toning. Bum and Tums This exercise class works exactly what it suggests in the name. Focusing on your bum and tummy, this fitness class is all about slow yet controlled movements. For these sessions you will use hand weights, resistance bands and your own body weight to aid your body to tone up. Bums and Tums consist of an array of conditioning and muscular toning to help you target the stubborn areas around your bum and stomach. If your goal is to achieve a flawless beach body, then Bums and Tums is the fitness class for you. Aqua Fit If getting hot and sweaty isn't really your thing, try opting for Aqua Fit. This exercise class has some excellent health benefits which include improved strength, flexibility and mobility; it will also aid you to increase and maintain your stamina which will help to prolong your work out time without feeling breathless. This is a low impact activity which means you will be able to leave the leisure centre feeling ache free. Aqua Fit is basically an aerobics session in water which will consist of working out to music. Some leisure centres also use foam weights as part of the fitness class for a resistance work out. By participating in one of these raved about fitness classes, you can get in shape, socialise and have a blast all at the same time.
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