7 Tips for Ab Fitness

by:GEMAY     2020-04-27
Ab Fitness Requires Precise Training For those seeking ab fitness to tone, firm, or lose weight around the midsection, abs are one of the hardest areas to workout. Due to the fact that many people do not work them out properly, and also that it is an area of the body which is prone to high body fat, make sure you know how to workout, and what exercises to do for ab fitness. Here are some things to keep in mind to attain the desired results. These are 7 tips for ab fitness which will help you slim down, and see the results you are hoping for. DON'T STICK TO ONE EXERCISE Whether it is crunches, sit-ups, reverse crunches, or planks, you have to mix things up. In order to see the muscle transformation, and in order to workout all muscle groups in the abs, you have to mix things up. Changing up the exercises you do, and throwing in new exercises will help you to see the changes, reduction around the waistline, and the definition you seek. USE WEIGHTS In order to build muscle, you have to add weights to your abs routine. You can hold a weight across your chest, above your head, or with your ankles (depending on the routine you are doing) but, adding in weight is going to help build muscle, and will allow you to do more challenging exercises down the road. This will in turn lead to the definition, due to the fact that you are doing new exercises, and working out different muscle groups. DON'T TRY TO DO HIGH REPS You will notice that if you do 20 reps properly, with the right weight thrown in, and done from different angles (exercises), you are going to get a much better workout than if you do 200 reps of crunches, where you are simply working the spine. When done properly, you only have to do a small number of reps for each exercise, to see the results when you are working out the core muscles. PROPER DIET As with any other workout routine, if you want to see results you have to incorporate the proper diet. So, you are going to want to eliminate refined sugars and carbs, increase protein, and add in the healthy fats like nuts. Additionally, eating super foods like berries, legumes, nuts, etc, you are going to notice you remain fuller longer, due to the high fiber content in these foods. So, you will reduce calorie intake, and the calories you are eating are high in protein and fiber, making for a slimmer midsection. For more on healthy diet see muscle building foods. ALTERNATE SPEED Depending on the exercise and muscle group you are using, and on the amount of weight you are including, you should vary the speed of each exercise. This will not only workout different muscle groups, but it is also going to shock the muscles, which is something that is required when you want to see the changes in body composition, and when you want to see the ultimate results with your ab fitness workout. WORKOUT OTHER BODY PARTS FIRST Due to the fact that your abs are part of the core muscle group, they take much more effort to work them out. For this reason, you should do cardio, and workout larger muscle groups first (when weight lifting), to ensure you will have the strength you need to complete your workout. Even if an abs routine seems easy, it is more draining than doing squats or bicep curls, because you are working the entire core. STRETCH Although it seems trivial, stretching prevents injury, and it helps you to elongate the ab muscles. This is going to make for a more defined look, will help you get the slimmer look you are after, and will help you see the definition in your abs far quicker than with individuals who do not stretch with their workouts. You may also wish to see the article on top 3 abdominal exercise workouts or also the review on the popular Six Pack Shortcuts fitness program. Keeping each of these factors in mind, and making sure you know how to do the movements properly as opposed to trying to do hundreds of reps, are some things which are going to help you see the ab fitness results you are after, and will help you attain the best looking abs in a shorter period of time.
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