A swim spa is something that people who want the

by:GEMAY     2020-07-22
A swim spa is convenient because the resistance jets are adjustable. You can make it feel like you are swimming the English Channel during a major storm, or you can turn the jets off and get the feeling of a leisurely swim. The settings in between help you to adjust your workout and get the results that you are looking for. The tether line holds you in place while you replicate the horizontal swimming motion of being in a larger body of water. After only a few moments of swimming on a tether, you start to forget that you are in a spa and feel like you are in an Olympic event. It is a sensation that is unique but one that allows anyone to get a swimming workout without having to find the room for a full pool. The spa portion of a swim spa is what attracts this piece of equipment to so many people. At the end of the device is a sitting area that has massage jets just like a regular hot tub spa. When your workout is over, you can relax and feel soothed by the spa jets. Swim spas are a combination of a full-resistance swimming workout and a relaxing spa. It can be used during your regular workout routine, or you can just use it for those quiet evenings when you need to relax in your massaging hot tub. When you have a swim spa installed, you are truly getting the better of two worlds. You are getting a device that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a strenuous swimming workout, and you are also getting a relaxing massage spa. It is an investment you will enjoy for many years.
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