About ChaLEAN Extreme Workouts

by:GEMAY     2020-04-22
The ChaLEAN Extreme workout has been designed to burn fat and boost the metabolism to help you to change your body and image. But why? Well, it is an extreme workout which has been devised by one of the world's top fitness trainers - Chalene Johnson. This program claims to help by building lean muscle which in turn helps to burn more fat and it is possible for a person to rid their body of up to 60% of their body fat in just 90 days, with the changes visible as you go along. This program from Team Beachbody offers a total of 15 workouts. At the very beginning Chalene offers instruction on how to do all the moves and the right techniques. Phase 1 of this popular Team Beachbody workout program is 'Burn'. This is the start of the resistance training and you can do this at a pace which suits you. This will get your metabolism moving and will start to shift your excess weight. These workouts are considered to be moderate and you will work the upper part of the body followed by the lower part of the body. This section of the workout has three different circuits. Phase 2 is 'Push'. This will help you to go beyond your comfort zone but still keeping you feeling safe. This is when you will begin to build the muscle that the body needs to begin burning off the fat. This section also has three circuits. You then move on to Phase 3 which is 'Lean'. At this point you will begin to really burn the fat away and you will be able to use a wide range of routines and moves and this is when you will begin to see major differences in your shape and weight. As with the first two phases, there are three circuits. Extreme cardio is a major part of each phase and it alters for each one. This is designed to get the metabolism moving and ensure that you are building your strength. It will also allow the muscles to be rejuvenated and lengthened with a workout designed to improve your flexibility. In addition to the Extreme cardio the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program from Team Beachbody includes the Core Power section which is formulated to deal with your abs - a problem area for many people. They will tighten the muscles there and tone them up using two different workouts. These are the Extreme Abs workout and the Ab Burner workout. You can also begin to make a difference with the range of support tools that are included in the pack. These include the guidebook to 'Muscle Burns Fat'. This is a handy tool which helps you to plan your workouts for maximum impact and how much resistance work you need to do. The thigh toner band is perfect for giving an extra helping of resistance to the workout for the lower body. Being able to measure body fat is handy so that you know how much you are burning and the Body Fat Tester can help you to do just that.
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