Are you suffering from a disk nerve pain or other

by:GEMAY     2020-07-26
Ultrasonic as the name suggest that something that is above the audible frequency that is more then 20,000 Hz. The vibrations created from such a frequencies are used for the cleansing, lifting, messaging and beautifying purposes. Ultrasonic massage technology has proven its efficiency and reliability in the experiments done by the Oxford and Mayo clinic. The device emits vibrating waves with a frequency of 1 Hz, which helps the waves to penetrate up to three inches and treat the inner body. With the help of this technology you can get relief either if you are suffering from a chronic pain or a new injury. The technology is also being used. The ultrasonic massage technology is also being used for the facial massage and beautifying purposes, the device can be used as a personal at home facial galvanic spa. The device uses micro vibration and galvanic ionization to permeate the skin. As muscle and bone reflect a better longitudinal waves of ultrasound so they can soak up more ultrasonic energy as compared to any other diverse tissues, which happens to create a balmy massaging outcome especially in the areas of muscle and bone. Physical therapists take a greater advantage from this technology especially when the therapy is to reduce the inflammation or to increase mobility between the joints. The technology when used for the purpose of human skin beautifying then the ultrasonic massage waves at a very high sped massage the cells and tissues of the skin just like it feels to the body. An effect of warmth is produce after the use of device which is a very useful exercise for the skin when analyzed in terms of ventilation and ornamental properties and the process also results in curing pain and healing. Well the ultrasonic massager is useful for almost all types of people but there is a limitation for some people who should avoid using such a device such as: Pregnant women Seizure disorder An open wound or sour Last but not the least it's better to consult a doctor in case of confusion.
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