As people health consciousness awakening, movement gradually become a trend, fitness, marathon, become more and more people cycling sports manner

by:GEMAY     2020-06-25
A, 3200 r/min, the nature of strong power blessing fascia gun is through the high frequency vibration stimulation, reduce the adhesion between the muscle and fascia and nodules, so as to prevent sports injury, eliminate muscle fatigue. Therefore high speed measure fascia is the power of gun and the most important indicators. Mr. Wah high torque brushless motor, strong power to bring 3200 RPM high speed impact, through 10 mm deep muscle groups, direct deep muscle, quickly defeated lactic acid accumulation, carefree to release fatigue. Noise brushless motor can hit the high frequency under the condition of reduce the brake noise, bass noise reduction effect, quietly enjoy massage to relax. 2, 5, shifting speed adjustment, upgrade relaxation experience besides peng worship power, variable speed adjustment is also the important parameter of the fascia gun, multiple frequency conversion design can meet the demand of different depth of massage. With 5 shifting speed adjustment, a key variable speed, easy to deal with different people different massage needs. Weight by themselves, massage much more enjoyable. Gear professional massage mode frequency up to 3200 revolutions per minute, surging power bring professional massage, upgrade to fall into the meat of massage experience. Pressure relief model of 4 gears massage frequency up to 2800 revolutions per minute, deep enough strength can be used to release the pressure. Band 3 fitness massage mode vibration of 2200 r/min, very suitable for fitness of muscle energy recovery. Band 2 muscle awaken the vibration of the model 1600 r/min, relieves mild muscle fatigue. Daily relaxation mode '1 1200 r/min, massage gently, in 1' mode can achieve up to 20 hours of tough life, use more worry. Three, six professional massage head, massage more scientific good fascia gun can massage to each specific parts of the body, take care every muscle, really achieve the effect of massage to relax. Equipped with six professional massage head, massage for household, office, relaxation relax, travel, fitness and other occasions, rapid activate the muscle tissue, muscle aches stiff reaction. Spherical head used in big muscles, pagodas first used in the mechanical part, double fork for cervical spine and tendon, bullet impact can be targeted to ache, mushroom head to meet the needs of each part of the body shape, palm head used in abdomen, thighs and other parts fat need to relax. In addition to the superior hardness parameter, are designed to break through the 'small' counter attack, small figure can easily receive. High light the process quality, high level of appearance and high quality combination. The fascia gun on detail originality, several ventilation slot on the fuselage perfect cooling system can quickly find the quantity of heat, increase power performance. Handle by close skin silicone material, comfortable and can effectively reduce the vibration from motor high speed running.
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