At Ireo Skyon,at Gurgaon, the dynamics of living

by:GEMAY     2020-08-22
Security is a big issue these days, even in multi- storied flats with guards. The Ireo Skyon addresses these concerns and much more! Click on the relevant part of the console to see who is at the door. Is it someone you know? Then click again to slide open the door for them to gain admittance! .Sunlight can stream into the rooms by raising blinds or drawing curtains apart with just a click of a button. Doors can be slid open, locked, windows opened to let in fresh air- all with the PHC! Lights can be turned on, off or their intensity subdued with the PHC. Do you have doubts whether you have switched off lights, turned off the gas etc, when going out? No need to worry! Real Estate in Gurgaon has neat solutions for all your doubts. The PHC can be set to switch off electric appliances, gas, and trigger fire alarms if need be, in your absence. Moreover there is a connection to the building manager in case of emergencies. Spacious interiors, the most modern architectural designs-stepped balconies on three sides of the flats to give a picturesque view of pleasant green environs- -all this and much more at a premium location of six hundred acres on the Southern Peripheral Road in Sector 60 in Gurgaon . Add to this the usual features like swimming pools, massage parlors, tennis and basketball courts, Wife connectivity, you have the Ireo Skyon! At Ireo Skyon, you will experience a whole new level of living where things happen at the touch of a button. Whether it is answering the front door, adjusting the curtains. pre-scheduling electrical gadgets, setting safety alerts or much more - now it's all possible with a simple touch of your portable home console, the iHomePad. Harnessing the best of home control technology to provide insightful, relevant solutions for a variety of everyday needs, Ireo Skyon features homes that are truly future-ready. Combine that with its prime location within Gurgaon, its uniquely eye-catching 'sweeping balconies' architecture, its carefully designed viewing corridors that overlook a central Golf Park, it's world class clubhouse - and you can see why Ireo Skyon is a dream come true.
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