Back pain has become a common problem in recent time

by:GEMAY     2020-07-13
Causes: We all know that back pain is a common complaint prevalent among middle-aged men and women. But the causes are different in both sexes. It involves vertebral column, their ligaments and various muscles attached to it. The serious doshas include - avalambaka kapha, samana, apana and vyana type of Vata. Lack of proper exercise, excessive workload, obesity, travelling too much, improper posture, inherited weakness of bones and muscles are some of the common reasons for back pain. Among elderly persons back pain occurs due to destruction such as - ostemalacia, osteoporosis and in males prostatic diseases. In females, working women are more prone to back pain because of the lengthy hours of office work and the work to be done after coming to home gives much strain to their back bone. There are other causes too like - multiple pregnancies, chronic cervicities, uterine fibroid, tubo-ovarion mass and certain urine pathology. Obstruction in vertebrae diseases, inter vertebral disc, tumour, soft tissue involvement, tuberculosis spine, diseases of retroperimotinal organs like kidney or intraperitonial organs may cause back pain. Driving on rough roads, long use of old vehicles having no shockproof mechanism, lifting heavy weight etc are some of the main causes of back pain in developing countries. Chakrapani's tips for back pain If you are a computer professional or an office going person, be careful not to sit in a stretch and strain yourself for a long time. Refresh yourself in between. Swimming is a good exercise for back pain. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Now and then oil massage or spinal bath is good for back pain. Yoga under the guidance of an expert yoga instructor is good for back pain. Avoid a sagging bed. Take a hip-bath every day. Treatments offered at chakrapani for back pain. 1. Oil Massage Just as a vehicle needs to be greased occasionally so is the case with human body too. Body especially the back should be oiled and revitalized occasionally. N.B.- Such type of oil massage is not indicated in surgical types of back pain. 2. Pizhichil Two therapists' first massage the body in synchronization using warm medicated oil and then dip cotton swab in warm oil and squeeze it over the affected part of the back and massage gently by their hands. This therapy tones the back muscles and relieves the stiffness over the back. 3. Dhara Here the patient is asked to lie over his/her stomach. Thereafter a stream of medicated oil is poured over the back. This provides a soothing relief for the pain. 4. Kati Basti In this, warm medicated oil is retained 20-30 minutes over the back with the help of application of circular dough prepared with white gram flour and water. Source: Chakrapani Research Centre News letter. For pure herbal products and rejuvenation therapies please visit herbal products or write to
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