Before wrote an essay about fitness, 'said relax fascia and muscle stretching is important, but these small tools do you use for? ', I at that time

by:GEMAY     2020-06-26
1, there is no need to buy, yourself vulnerable 2, if you special love to spend money, buy a cheap line, little difference of hundreds and thousands of blocks of 3, you don't run, you this exercise ( One hour a day on average) But not to use it after with the fascia gun, I have already cannot leave. We in the spirit of three hundred and sixty line line try to below, a springtime delights 7 fascia gun, and something about where is good, why has been can not do without it. Mentioned goods to buy, no promotion content in this paper. The working principle of 01 fascia gun to see evaluation can drag 04 part directly. ( Think since wrote simply to white, so 01 and 02 part are popular science content. ) Working principle of fascia gun is very simple, through vibration to adjust to relax muscle and fascia. For fitness enthusiasts, these vibrations can relieve muscle soreness, avoid lactate accumulation, prevent become muscles strong. The earliest fascia gun was used as medical tools, full name is the electric Muscle vibration meter/Deep Muscle Stimulator ( 人口基金/管理事务司) 。 But the DMS for medical use, as well as the commercial version of the fascia gun brand, is excuse me the price of five digits, I haven't had a chance to experience, can't buy his own experience, is beyond the scope of this article evaluation. The other extreme, why not dolphins massager, are not shake? Childhood home used dolphins massager, and that kind of household to fat instrument what of, very cheap, more than one hundred dollars, I bought two. When I grow up I was told that bankruptcy is the edition fascia gun. This is really not goozyet, its vibrating frequency can't hit on you beautiful human flesh wave, your muscles and it cannot touch of deep fascia. For example, donnie yen hit you a punch, 3, and now donnie yen hit you a punch, you hurt is not the same. Fascia gun when dolphins massager use is ok, buy parents a fascia gun would be no need for the few dollars of dolphins. , of course, also want to pay attention to the using method, otherwise easy to injury, this at the end there will be a simple safety instructions. Now I sit before computer long will own fascia gun with two dozen of the trapezius muscle, really already cannot leave. 02 with foam axis and fascia ball, also need a fascia gun after every movement of the muscle and fascia relaxation, are actually quite painful, every time the process before I take almost half an hour and a sweat, the pieces of his thigh calf arm as bruises, the kind of manual unplugged pain although intoxicating, but with the convenience of fascia gun then a less like you. Fascia and gun in the previous articles about three things: bubble shaft, fascia, muscles massage stick ( Push-ups stent on foot sole invention is my coach, fascia ball also can replace the function) , are used for fascia relaxation, the difference is that the efficiency, price, habits, space limitation, and is easy to carry. Behind these things developed intelligent electric version, electric foam axis and electric fascia ball, decathlon has, in addition to understand vibrations frequency parameters, use feeling also needs to experience the best flesh, decathlon this no mark, to the right of the electric fascia ball, I am afraid of itch, I can't. The fascia of the evaluation is the most expensive in the gun manufacturers, product line is very rich also, price, excuse me I will see. Electric foam shaft with clear parameters identification, the data looks very can, but there are requirements for site, can't carry, can't beat yourself out two times at any time. Summary, the above these now for me is fascia gun auxiliary small tools. After a shot with the fascia, other pieces of open frequency becomes very low for me, I can watch TV while playing their, a few head can deal with each part of the body, big muscles is to play a little longer, poke, poke a small muscles with point I think is very convenient. If is infatuated with foam roll axis in the body of the manual also said the pain. In my opinion, the advantages of the fascia gun: massage can all use high efficiency portable without being limited by the site hit persons not painful 03 that can not fitness fascia gun? Found two video of li, she USES, side TuTuTu dozen oneself again about keeping in good health, said foot massage three mile this area cannot be achieve fascia gun the efficiency, and then give fascia gun up a new name: health electronic hammer, propaganda slogan is: where don't play. I tried it take for my mom, mom bad joints, knee pain, often see a lot of doctors in many ways it is difficult to cure completely, try every day with fascia gun type around the knee, leg and foot, and she is satisfied with, 24 hours have significantly reduce pain, sleep status has improved significantly. But used as care also has a lot of essentials and taboos, or even joint cervical uncomfortable, don't hit the joints and bones. So, fascia gun applicable people including: regularly sedentary office, shoulder and back muscle tension, such as after the doctor diagnosed the some of the muscle fascia inflammation or pathological pain recovery ( Don't know the words is not strict, strict operation without strict doctor friend correct) I dad mom my daily care and more importantly, some use taboo: steer clear of the joints and bones parts to avoid muscle thin body parts, such as abdominal arteries, neck, are more dangerous don't play too long in one area 04 seven fascia gun test, exactly and cheap is the difference between big also see a lot of the school of science living before rigorous review, db table using power meter, electronic balance looks very professional. Also has a lot of very good stick all data in the body, as the price, a lot of a gear, a lot of massage head, a good chunk of the battery, the price is only one 5 of the same data level. This kind of good pro does not exist. So this thing actual technical content, only a handful of brands is really, most of the other is about the same, within the price range you choose to find a relatively high-profile producers, post-sale relative guaranteed some is enough. You see, the template is this a few sets. But it is not much of a problem, does not affect the product quality itself, but what if see what brand with a common type of template says his deep years independent research and development, this just hide away. A lot of things right is the same. The words of the fascia gun research here, afraid of what's wrong, back and forth and extension is studied, and many other middle reads a bit painful also drag for a long time, thank you can see here.
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