Can this £1,500 vacuum really clean everything in your house? Windows, cushions, even your mattress. ALICE SMELLIE gives it a whirl

by:GEMAY     2020-12-05
Do you wish you had a good fairy to clean up?
Princess, your wishes may come true thanks to the new Kobold vacuum cleaner.
Its name is a good fairy in German.
Not only is it vacuum, but it also cleans the carpet, interior decoration, mattress and mop floor.
But it\'s much more expensive than a wave of a wand.
VK200 system manufactured by Vorwerk (vorwerk. co.
UK), will give you a return of 1,499.
So, how much does a household appliance cost? hand car?
We took the advice of an expert product tester at the Good Housekeeping Institute and then let Kobold do its job. . .
Test: our bedroom vacuuming twice a week.
I don\'t think we\'re likely to see a lot of dirty stuff coming up.
Again, the house has a history of 200 and always feels a bit dirty, so I decided to test the basic head of Kobold.
To measure how much dust was collected, I placed a piece of green baze material in the cavity where the bag is usually located.
This will trap all the dirt I suck.
How it works: Kobold has slipped over the floor without the satisfactory suction of a regular cleaner.
Obviously it\'s because it\'s working deep into the carpet, not just catching the pile.
The basic head of the carpet and hard floor automatically senses what type of surface it is on through the ultrasound below the head.
When you switch from carpet to floor, a row of brushes in front will flip down and clean up the dirt.
Use a roller brush on the carpet.
Clever \"curtain of success\"
Basically, there is a strong sucking ability on the edge of the cleaner.
Means it can clean the skirting.
The result: To my shock, the material was packed with disgusting things --
In a large bundle of dirt of about 4 inch square meters, it looks like fluff, hair and an old contact lens. I\'m mortified —
Also reluctantly left a deep impression
Grease is the word for testing: any dirt that has not been removed by vacuum can be embedded in carpet fibers as grease.
Removing this may double your carpet life.
It was a secret dream of mine to have the carpet cleaned in depth, but never had time.
Finally, my crazy ambition will be achieved by carpet freshener attachment, which is a complete
Click on the head of the size of the detergent body.
Working Principle: first, pour Special dry cleaning powder-
Contains a charming \"sponge \"--
Put in the transparent dispenser on the carpet freshener.
Then I ran through the floor and left a long white line, like marking on the tennis court.
The powder is packed in a 1 pound bag, 5 per bag, with a cleaner inside that smells like fresh linen.
After laying the carpet for about 10 feet, I switched to the carpet freshener, which massaged tiny \"sponges\" onto the carpet using a rolling brush, where they dissolved and absorbed grease.
The carpet looks completely destroyed, but as I was told, I waited for 20 minutes and switched back to the vacuum cleaning head to vacuum on all the white grease on the carpet-
It disappeared.
The result: I can see the carpet piled up and the dull red suddenly looks vibrant.
It\'s incredible.
Bedroom secretions test: Most mattresses are said to be filled with bacteria, mold and dandruff, which makes them a magnet for dust mites.
When we spend almost the third life in bed, mattress cleaning should be the first.
I have never cleaned our room.
But we have a topper and I wash it once a week.
How it works: Kobold\'s Polster Boy accessory is mounted on a hose with three different heads --
Brush, mattress or sofa for rotating interior decoration-
Detergent and rotary massager for fabric.
The mattress is known as a hammerhead shark for its large form factor.
It has three vibrators, shaking and vacuuming and bacteria from 11 degrees deep. I turn it on —
It sounds like the horn of a ship.
Put it on the whole mattress.
Results: it turns out that we didn\'t shed much skin in the House of the smelter, although there was a small amount of white dust on the green baize test cloth.
I also made the mattress topper and surprisingly the result was almost the same.
According to Vorwerk, I should do it every three months. . .
Hair test: we have a black cocker named Bumble who has a passionate grooming of his hair and a living room that is dominated by cream.
It looks like the sofa needs to shave its legs.
The solution for Upholstery old is the interior decoration brush attachment.
How it works: Furniture
The cleaning tool includes a rotating brush that rotates 4,000 times per minute and clips the clip onto the post boy.
As a nod to those who have pets, the tone of the Kobold motor has been adjusted so that it does not upset the dog.
Incredibly, Bumble was not disturbed.
He usually runs a mile.
I tried it on our white sofa and pushed the brush hard along the mat.
In a flash, the long black hair and the random dog hair will fall off.
Results: the living room suddenly felt fresher around, and the mat was too bright. it looked different in color.
Perfect floor test: we have a slate floor that doesn\'t feel clean since we moved in four years ago.
It took me a long time to clean up the crumbs with a vacuum cleaner and remove the lumps of dirt.
Being able to do both at the same time can save me an hour a week.
How it works: Duoclean is another complete
Click on the head of the size of the Kobold body.
The vacuum at the front absorbs the garbage, oscillates more than 1,300 times per minute, and you can put the micro-fiber cloth placed in the cleaning solution on your head while mopping the ground.
Each piece of cloth will clean 215 square feet of floor and machine wash.
It\'s about 8 and can be used hundreds of times.
Cleaning Solution 7 per bottle, cleaning area of more than 100,000 square feet
Make it all very eco-friendly. friendly.
When I opened the machine, it echoed excitedly on the floor.
Results: When I moved the machine, I saw our dirty slate color change --
Much better than my usual results.
It is a disgusting brown color when I take off the fabric. Good.
Test: it is necessary to clean your mat, but it is tedious, and job and Vorwerk think they have found the answer.
The third post Boy accessory looks like a big shower head.
You put it on your furniture or fabric and it will oscillate, massage in the cleaning fluid that you vacuum off.
How it works: I sprinkled the cleaning solution (2 ).
50 packs) put on the velvet mat and rub it with accessories.
Ten minutes later, I sucked it away with an interior decoration brush.
The result: it smells fresh, but it doesn\'t look special.
I\'m not impressed.
Window surprise test: use your new cleaner instead of window cleaner.
How it works: It sounds ridiculous, but it\'s like a dream.
First of all, I put chalk on the cloth.
Basic solution for removing dirt from glass.
I let it dry for ten minutes and then suck it dry with another attachment mounted on the hose
This one is wide and has a long soft brush along the end.
Result: if you never feel how clean the windows are, you can start now.
The brush reaches all the tricky corners (the wood starts to fall off) and the window glass feels silky soft and clear.
The only problem is that you need to do all the windows
Otherwise, others look dirty.
Additional features: The Kobold vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a range of more accessories.
There is a special spot cleaner called Kobotex that can easily remove lipstick stains from my daughter\'s bedroom carpet and it took me months to try to get rid of that stain.
Also spray painting, gap tools, wall and ceiling accessories
With telescopic handle.
My house is the cleanest ever. . . .
The best part is Alice\'s turn.
In all the other more
A vacuum cleaner with a little extra. . .
V8 Dyson £ 499. 99, dyson. co. ukWhat is it?
Handheld cordless machine for cleaning stairs, cabinets, cars, walls, mattresses and pet hair.
With two heads: the roller picks up debris and dust, and the \"direct drive\" cleaner goes deep into the carpet with nylon bristles to clear the ground
Dirty things and pet hair.
There is also a combination tool for Gap tools and corners.
Ruling: unusually strong.
The carpet in my daughter\'s room looked clean but grew about a puppy\'s hair.
When I hit my head on her bed, there was a lot of gray dust on her bed.
Gtech 9/10 gtech versatile handheld vacuum cleaner. co. ukWhat is it?
This is a compact handheld device with pet hair, carpet, interior decoration and 3ft extension tubes for skirting boards.
The light in front means that you can see the dust when you vacuum.
Conclusion: it won\'t finish the whole house easily, but the light is good, as you can see where the spider web is (a bit double
To be honest, it\'s a double-edged sword.
I do all the skirting and fidgety places in the car.
8/10 Philips PowerPro aqua: 260, Philips. co. ukWhat is it?
Either vacuum separately or vacuum and mop at the same time, there is a blue accessory behind the vacuum suction.
This is full of water and the water is released onto the micro-fiber cloth extending along the bottom.
Conclusion: This is not Kobold, but I like it. The slow-
Releasing water is enough to drag the floor thoroughly.
After half done the kitchen, the cloth was dirty.
It\'s annoying that the battery is dead, but I\'m fascinated.
7/10 hoover 27279 synthetic vacuum. 99, hoover. co. ukWhat is it?
Squat cylinder cleaner, turbo brush with pet hair and retractable tube with ceiling and stairs, as well as spray painting, gap tools and furniture nozzles.
Verdict: stripping debris from tricky thingsto-
To the corner of my study.
The stone kitchen floor was also well cleaned with strong suction.
7/10 VonHaus small dust-free bag cleaner £ 46. 99, domu. co. ukWhat is it?
It all seems to have: a retractable handle, a dust brush, a gap tool that includes a rubber pet hair lifter, an interior trim brush and a radiator brush.
Conclusion: I like transparent barrels and prices.
The spray painting was great, and I ran along the skirting board with soft bristles.
Overall, however, it\'s all a bit fragile.
6/10 Miele Complete C3 overall solution PowerLine Vacuum Cleanerco. ukWhat is it?
The car is equipped with an astonishing range of optional accessories, including a turbine brush for fluff and hair, a wide interior nozzle, a mattress nozzle, a dust spray brush and a car kit.
I like this one.
The turbo brush on my couch is amazing.
This is a lighter color and after a quick glance a lot of dog hair is picked upover.
The mattress and interior trim nozzle left the same impression on me.
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