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by:GEMAY     2020-07-23
Scalp massage has been used for hundreds of years by the people from various cultures and social circles. Even hair specialists of today suggest doing regular scalp massage even if your hair is healthy and beautiful. This procedure is not only beneficial to those people suffering from hair loss but it is also very helpful for the well being of everyone. Besides improvement of blood circulation and stimulating hair growth for the optimum development of the hair follicles, scalp massage reduces stress, provides relaxation and relieves tension and headache. Scalp massage generally includes the process of kneading and rubbing, which in turn is causing pressure on the skin through the use of the hands. As it increases the pressure and tension, it also increases the circulation of the blood on the targeted area. With this, the blood is properly distributed to its designated places. Under this body condition, the increased circulation provides more nutrients to the cells of the hair necessary for hair growth. On the other hand, the rubbing technique of the scalp massage brings emotional benefits as it can lower stress levels. Scalp massage is one of the best methods to stop hair loss, thinning hair and to promote hair growth. However, it is only successful when done on a regular routine. To achieve hair growth, it is very important to be constant because the procedure is very slow it could take months for the subject to see results. The following are some of the basic massage techniques to help stop hair loss: Friction massage: This technique involves using the pads of the fingers of both hands to make rapid circular movements firmly over the whole scalp. Starting from the front of the head and moving back to the nape of the neck. Then, from the nape of the neck, use the same motion to move forward to the front of the head. This method will make you feel relaxed. Kneading massage: This technique also makes use of the pads of the fingers of both hands. The pads should be spread out over the scalp. Then, press firmly and rotate the skin rather than the hands. Continue kneading slowly over every area of the scalp. This method will boost blood flow to the scalp and energize you instantly. Rubber scalp massage: A rubber scalp massager has small circular pads with rubber needles protruding out and a handle. These massagers are either battery operated or come as high tech electronic devices. Using a rubber scalp massager enables you to massage your scalp without harming the sensitive tissues or tiring the hands. It increases blood circulation and the supply oxygen to the scalp, enabling the hair to receive optimum nutrition. Finger massage: This technique is done by using your own fingers. First, organize the massage in such a way that your fingers remain more or less in one place, but the scalp moves. With the small circular movements or back and forth motion you will be able to cover larger areas of your scalp. Hair Treatment for Hair Loss ; Treatment For Hairloss ; Hair Loss Treatment
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