diy foot massager

by:GEMAY     2020-11-30
When the feet are tired, there is nothing better than foot massage.
It\'s hard to do for yourself and it\'s not always easy to find a helpful massage therapist.
The obvious answer seems to be to buy a 1 feet massager.
On checking on-
Line has a lot of roller based products and you rub them and it looks like they fit the bill, but it turns out it\'s not possible to buy them locally-
The line option is expensive.
Also, there are often negative reviews when checking reviews of these products, including being too small for regular size feet, the wood smell used is so strong that it has to leave the unit outside, etc.
Photos on
The products on the production line also show that there is a quality problem. The answer . . . make one! !
Saw all the news.
The line units made of wood make our thinking biased towards this medium.
We have about 10mm layers of scrap in the workshop, hard wood with a length of 42mm x 20mm, a length of 3/16 \"soft steel bars and an old broom handle with a diameter of 23mm.
These seem to be ideal ingredients for re-production.
For 1 feet massager.
The base is simple in structure and requires basic tools such as Saw and drill bits.
A steel saw is required to cut 3/16 of the rod into length.
However, the manufacture of wooden rollers does require a well-equipped workshop.
We use the lathe and milling machine with the accessory of the dividing head to make the wooden roller.
But don\'t be afraid, there\'s an easier choice --
According to the photo above, just print the roller in 3D.
This is the second edition.
By the way, the 3D printed rollers provide a better massage! !
All construction details are in the pdf attached drawing.
When printing on A4 paper, it is in half size and all sizes are MM.
The base is cut from 10mm plywood and 180mm x 168mm.
It requires four 4mm holes, 10mm from the edge and 40mm from the end of the 180mm side.
These holes need to be buried from the bottom so that the head of the screw is below the surface.
The screws fix the side rails in the appropriate position.
For details on the size and hole position of the side frame, please refer to the pdf drawing.
These are made of 2 hard wood with a length of 42mm x 20mm and cut to 180mm long.
The top extends down from the center to the end with a height of 27mm and then a radius of 20mm.
Then, there are five 3/16 holes on the side to drill 10mm deep to accept the rod that supports the roller.
Finally, two 3mm holes are drilled at the bottom of the frame to accept the screws that mount the side frame to the exact seat.
Just cut 5 steel bars of 3/16 in length to 148mm in length. De-
End with a file or grinder.
The diameter of these rods can be changed, but the size of the holes on the side frame and roller needs to be changed.
According to many commercial projects, the 1 feet edition massager has wooden rollers.
Let\'s say you don\'t need much guidance if you have equipment to make wooden rollers.
Basically, we cut five or 125mm long of an old broom handle with a diameter of 23mm.
Diameter the bigger the better
Any up to 32mm can.
Our 3D printer has only 100mm z volume, so it is not possible to print 125mm long rollers at a time.
So we print the rollers in half and stick them together to create the full rollers.
Stl files are attached to both the full and half rollers.
We printed Our with PLA with 20% filler.
Assemble components according to the breakdown view.
We also attach the stl file for the 3D printing side frame.
We do not print or use these so there is no guarantee.
The complete unit with the 3D roller should be shown above. Enjoy! !
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