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by:GEMAY     2020-09-13
Facial treatments are easily available in beauty salons and spas. These are extremely relaxing, refreshing and beneficial for the skin. There are many different facial treatments using different techniques, and the series of the face, depending on skin type, desired results, and maturity, if your skin. There are two basic techniques used for facial treatments: Hands on and electrotherapy. 'Practice' technique uses hand movements and movements very stimulating massage that removes dead skin cells from your face, reduce fine lines, stimulates the production of new cells and removes blackheads. The electro-therapy handheld electronic devices are used, and no movement of the hand used. Both have their own advantages and benefits specified. On the treatment front hand: In these treatments, the therapist or esthetician to use their hands a facial massage. No electronic device, with the exception of the steam engine, which is used in this process. Face Kits used in this treatment are all based on oil or cream. Essential oils, gels or moisturizers can be used, depending on skin type, maturity of the skin and treatment. The gels are mainly used for oily skin and acne-prone and oils or moisturizers are used to dry to normal and matured. A face pack clay-based mud is used after cleaning and steam process (optional) is about to close the open pores and nourish the skin. Sometimes, one for sensitive skin off the mask is also used. These masks are gently peeled from the face when they dry up. This take off the mask is also used as a treatment edifying as it tightens the skin. Electrical Facial Treatment: These treatments use the machines, mainly laptops, on the face. There are basically three types of commonly used e-therapy treatments, depending on skin type. 1. High frequency treatments: The gauze is placed over the face and a glass electrode is passed over the face. This treatment is best suited for oily skin and acne, as it contributes to the drying of the spots and has an antibacterial effect. For dry to normal skin, the treatment of indirect frequency. 2. Galvanic treatment: An active ingredient is introduced deep into the skin of the face by metal rollers and massage the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Third Micro Current Treatment: This facial treatment is used for facial skin uplifting and skin texture and enhance the color. A good way to nourish tired skin and rough is to use masks, face mask leaves in particular. The function of facial masks is to provide food for intense ingredients to help your skin becomes younger, soft and smooth. A variety of facial masks Mask leaves are impressive, as it helps to remove dry skin of the face and impurities while providing moisture and nutrition to revitalize your skin. More recently, we had an excellent critique of the dark side of green tea by fellow blogger Faifia to highlight the beauty. In the market today, there are several types of masks * Rinse face masks * Skull face masks * Face masks as a plate with a high concentration of gas Instructions for use are different for each product mask font, but there are some principles to keep in mind before and after application of masks to maximize the benefits of the mask. Frequency Face masks are skin care products that nourish the skin. As for the mask type mask sheet, the bag contains a high concentration of ingredients and fuel. Therefore, using the mask of the leaf or other mask in hand, too often can irritate the skin. Leave the mask are very affordable, but that does not mean you should use a journal. The frequency of application of the mask should be in every second or third day. Before applying the face mask * Double clean well. Even if you do not put makeup, facial skin is always exposed to dirt and air pollution only fill the pores. * It's a good idea to open the pores so that when you apply the facial mask, all the nutrients that are absorbed directly into your face. Cover your face with a damp towel or take your face with warm water and a bag of chamomile tea. * Follow the prompts. Apply a facial mask sheet in the period proposed in the directions. * If you use a clay mask, apply a uniform coating on the face, avoiding sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth.
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