During the ancient times, in the orient sex was

by:GEMAY     2020-07-17
Most men now do not much care about the happiness and satisfaction of their women partners. Their sole aim is to reach orgasm as fast as possible. The bodily satisfaction is most important for them. They forget that if they can initiate the woman into the act of lovemaking the whole process can be all the more fulfilling. There was a time when women used to take the initiative in a sexual act and had almost total control over the men. What kind of fulfillment will you derive from putting your penis inside a dry vagina? Not only will the dryness be painful for the to and fro motion, it will also be very cruel of you. What pleasure can a nonchalant sex partner with all her voluptuous body give as compared to that of a moist vagina and an eager lover? The Oriental Tantric Sex With all its ancient tranquil rawness, the oriental tantric sex is becoming all the more popular in the world. It is a device to achieve ultimate pleasure, premium satisfaction and divine contentment. It is one of those many forms of love making styles, where the woman is supposed to take the initiative and stimulate your body and your organs so that you both can achieve a simultaneous orgasm, through a rigorous and passionate intercourse session. The sex act is preceded with a oil massage and bath in fragrant water. A Totally Unique Approach An altogether different ambience is created, with incense sticks, flowers and fruits. Each and every aspect is to be taken care of with utmost concern. This is because tantric sex isn't only a form of sexual intercourse it is a way of achieving that, what is divine in a human soul. Sex happens in every household almost every night or even days. But, that is related with bodily pleasure only. Tantric sex celebrates the otherworldly side of lovemaking. People involved in tantric sex shouldn't behave like animals. They shouldn't jump into devouring each other. The process should be slow and sweet. They must caress each other for some time. Taking a nice bath together itself turns on the partners, cuddling, hugging and kissing just makes the path to pleasure all the more seductive. Humping the partner isn't the motto of tantric sex, one need to make the other one feel wanted, rather craved for. Sex can be used as a tool for a playful activity or the means to love somebody with body, mind and heart and also be loved by somebody as much dearly.
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