# fascia adhesion or damage, the body often appear stiff muscles, relax muscle tissue, such as acid bilges unwell

by:GEMAY     2020-06-29
3, why need fascia gun? # must pass the fascia relax to release these extra excitement, let the problem is resolved and ease. # some deep massage muscles are difficult to bubble axis or human touch. # human natural dependence on tools, need a convenient and effective tool. 4, the principle of the fascia gun? # using the force transfer effect, through the vibration principle, the force and vibration is passed to the deep fascia muscle. # to produce 2000 - minute by minute 3000 times, through the impact point target parts of the body to relax muscle tissue recovery, promote the blood circulation. # not only solve the problem of vibration, but also the noise of the motor, stability, the effect of depth and so on. 5, the use of the direct benefits of fascia gun? # fascia can relax effective carding myofascial, stretch, reducing the friction of muscles and the joints of motion and muscle ductility have very big help. # ascend the sympathetic nerve excitability, easier to enter the work state, your muscle is used in the sport to warm up before the effect is obvious. # to avoid 'too strong', especially in ms Amy love sports, relaxes by fascia to release these extra excitement, make muscle back quickly. # ease ache, deep strike, invigorate the circulation of t2dm, conducive to the accumulation of lactic acid. # with dynamic stretching before training, training after static stretching, let the boy muscles fuller, the line shape of girls. # a fascia in hand, whether you are a coach or sports fans, can show your professional and temperament. # with fascia gun to the parents home old man in a mo, are also ways to promote happiness. 6, the use of taboo fascia gun? # in a convex body bone injury, nerve blood vessels are rich and no muscle protection area, avoid to use. # children and old people avoid using is too old. 7, the choice of the fascia gun? # fascia gun principle is simple, and can be stable output of high frequency and is its basic feature. First of all, should meet the demand, some of the highest hit frequency to reach 2000 times per minute, can not consider. # cost-effective choice, after all, a fascia gun 23000 dollars, it is not necessary, a large part of which could be used to pay tax or to push the brand advertising; The price is too low, also can not consider, after all, you get what you pay for. # product details: noise, dynamic stability and balance, hit the depth and length of the battery, rubber package level, and so on. # quality service, perfect choice, the quality problem of the brand. Fascia gun to help us better after exercise to relax, feelings of happiness and health, movement toward a higher quality of life. This is the service concept of the pineapple king. So we used for comparison, the user needs most features and advantages of present to you.
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