Fascia by impact spear gun target parts of the body to relax muscle tissue recovery, promote the blood circulation, has the very good relieve the body fatigue. Pay attention to when using without vigorously

by:GEMAY     2020-06-10
Suggestions on the Internet to find some muscle texture map to look at, according to the alignment of the whole. The same parts use the total duration of 3 - many times 5 minutes advisable, and according to the muscle texture in different positions. General need not too exert external pressure, ache in a 6 - The feeling of eight points. With common market m dog fascia gun as an example, introduce the use of the various spear. M dog fascia gun adopts multifrequency vibration design, equipped with four kinds of massage head, through the high frequency vibration impact, to constantly hit fascia muscle, loose loose muscle and fascia of high tension and adhesion, 4 clock spear used is as follows: 1, ball head, apply to the entire body muscle fascia tissue, texture is soft, chest back waist arm can perfect use 2, U head, apply to massage neck and spine, also can be used in the shoulder three top 3, cylinder head, apply to the joints and the palm of your hand, joint strike need professional operation 2, flat head, suitable for large muscle groups, plastic, a hard, the pressure is bigger, the muscle stimulation and evil people mixed up deeper fascia gun market now, appeared a lot of imitation, the transformation of the fascia gun. Because of its vibration frequency and the lack of protection mechanism easy to damage, serious even can cause cardiac arrest, and shock. So choosing fascia gun, please select the brand quality assured of formal fascia gun.
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