Fascia gun bought so long, are you sure you will use? If you think it is only after training to use, it can be a mistake! Remember, only

by:GEMAY     2020-06-14
What is the fascia? Connective tissue in the fascia refers to the movement system and the tough outer membrane of organs. Recall that when cut the meat for yourself whether seen above are wrapped in white film, or distribution with white 'reinforcement'. Yes, this is what we call the fascia. A important function is to maintain the muscle fascia shape, in fact we each muscle were fascia wrapped, without fascia package, muscle will be like a thick syrup diaspora. In addition, there are a large number of sensors in the fascia, such as the Pacific, small body, who's small body, golgi tendon organs, free nerve endings, they are responsible for passing the information to the muscle or derived from the muscle and the information to the brain. Membrane damage, the main source of pain when your muscle pain, problem may not be out in the muscle tissue itself, but the parcel on the fascia. New research shows that the change of the fascia and damage is to let a person appear muscle pain: the main reasons for severe changes of movement caused the fascia or damage, make the person produces the muscle pain, the pain came from the deep fascia of white, not red muscle tissue. Let fascia rejuvenation regeneration practice according to the change of the fascia and damage, can through self massage way to repair, make its restore vitality. Massage is a purely physical mechanism, it can promote the fascia of fluid exchange, help the metabolism of waste discharge, thus improve the fascia and the nutrition supply of the relevant organ. We often use the foam roller shaft, fascia massage ball, is to use this principle to achieve the purpose of repair fascia, they are known as regeneration practice. Fascia gun is the same principle, but as a result of mechanical power massage frequency faster, more accurate, often can have a better effect. In addition, the fascia gun own vibration effect can also eliminate muscle stiffness, relieve muscle soreness after overwork. Fascia gun first appeared in 2014, was only athletes in use, but it soon into the gym and family business. 'Fitness often ache and pain, and with fascia gun, you will be able to often massage for yourself. It can help you improve training effect, at the same time, accelerate the recovery after training process. 'Fascia gun opened right way handheld fascia gun operation is very simple: put spear in need a massage body area ( Sore quadriceps, twitch of the shoulder, even lower back pain) , pull the trigger, every time in the area for massage 10 seconds to several minutes. Fascia gun not only with the recovery after training, it is a good way to cooperate with your current training plan, before training, training, and after the training can be used. A grievous rand provides the method of use, you can finally himself that 'gun' make full use of! Training before: before starting to warm up for 2 ~ 3 minutes at a time of activation, to massage from heel to the neck of all the major muscle groups. Training: during the break between the groups, of the is training muscles to 10 ~ 15 seconds of massage, massage your pain points. As to whether all training group between massage, or only in some between groups, it's up to you. After the training: spend 20 minutes at home, for muscles massage with pain. Voss rand suggested that continuous use of time control in 2 ~ 3 minutes. 'Only used in the site of pain. 'He said,' your body instinct will tell you where should massage. ”
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