Fascia gun how long a massage is actually about our degree of muscle movement, if just relaxing massage at ordinary times a minute or two is enough, such as

by:GEMAY     2020-06-24
1. Depth of movement, each big body muscle group suggest massage 3-5 minutes, the whole body accumulation suggested up to 10 ~ 15 minutes at a time. 2. Normal work ease to use, rigid part massage 1 ~ 2 minutes. 1. Begin vibrating back massage first, always be sure to massage. Massage back, on the neck and shoulder muscles, up and down around before and after the massage. You will feel nodules, do not force exerting strength on the nodules, as long as more than massage for a while, nodules will dissipate. 2. Begin vibrating massage waist first, always want to make sure after massage. Under the main massage is the waist, it is recommended that the selection of soft massage head of foam. Attention should be paid to find out the location of the hip, massage near the hip muscles to spend more time, then massage to the hips, finally back to near the hip muscle massage. 3. Hip massage hip, first find out on both sides of the femoral head, and the location of the sacrum. Starting on both sides of the femoral head, slow access to massage, massage to the sacrum. Hip this area a lot of muscle fibers, spend time back and forth to massage muscle fibers. 1. Don't hit joint fascial relax gun generally applies only to the muscle tissue, if direct impact on joints with the joints to stone directly to knock about meaning, easy to cause joint damage. 2. Is not suit to use all areas such as neck, XiongFuQiang, axillary muscle thickness is thinner, and close to the organs and the part of the aorta, guns are not recommended a shock. Inside our fascia, there are a lot of sensors, has more than the number of the receptors in the muscle, mainly divided into the following four: 1 Pacific's small body: responsible for the rapid changes of pressure, vibration, pressure, fascia gun works is mainly embodied by it; 2 who's little body, feeling for a long time, constant pressure stimulation, such as static stretching, fascia ball continuous press; 3 gorky key organs: active action to respond to muscles and by excessive tension, reduce muscle tension to protect tendons and joints; 4 free nerve endings: common sensors, pressure, pain, cold and hot temperature stimulation; Above is your using these means of vibration massage, drawing, play to relax and restore physiological basis of fascia, so no myth fascia gun, it was only a tool of a relaxing fascia, adopt other means, to achieve the same effect.
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