Fascia gun in this year and that kind of fire, from various types of sporting events, we can see a lot of players in the game clearance with fascia gun to relax

by:GEMAY     2020-06-14
What is a membrane fascia system refers to the movement of connective tissue and organs in the tough outer membrane. Recall that when cut the meat for yourself whether seen above are wrapped in white film, or distribution with white 'reinforcement'. Yes, this is what we call the fascia. When we appear muscle pain, the problem may not be out in the muscle tissue itself, but the parcel on the fascia. New research shows that the change of the fascia and damage is main reason of let a person appear muscle pain. Because of severe changes of movement caused the fascia or damage, make the person produces the muscle pain, the pain came from the deep fascia of white, instead of red muscle tissue. Relax fascia regeneration practice according to the change of the fascia and damage, can through self massage way to repair, make its restore vitality. Massage is a purely physical mechanism, it can promote the fascia of fluid exchange, help metabolism * * out, so as to improve the fascia and the nutrition supply of the relevant organ. We often use the foam roller shaft, fascia massage ball, is to use this principle to achieve the purpose of repair fascia, they are known as regeneration practice. Fascia gun is the same, but the fascia gun is the use of vibration mechanics principle, through the fascia gun vibration is passed to the deep fascia, muscles to relax the role of the fascia, reduce muscle tension. The so-called muscle tone, that is, we don't activity of muscle tension, the muscles should be high quality, elastic, contraction diastole. And some high muscle tension, muscle relaxation is also hard, injury risk is bigger. So the fascia gun is very suitable for exercise or sport 'group. Fascia gun can stimulate fascia viscosity decreased, so wrapped in muscle fascia is not rigidly, influence the muscle activity, and thus relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood circulation and movement range. Massage instrument, MARASIL shape thin shape with household blower size; Very convenient to carry, can use anytime and anywhere. In addition, many people in the face of the computer for a long time, lack of physical exercise, fascia gun to the expansion of intervertebral disc, periarthritis of shoulder, strain of lumbar muscles, foot massage, to increase blood flow velocity has the very good curative effect; Can also be good for preventing disease pain in his back. On the one hand, deep back muscles can be strengthened, and on the other hand can also eliminate the back and neck surface index of taut muscles.
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