Fascia gun is a kind of very good relieve muscle pressure equipment, believes that many people have seen beside the NBA to take an examination of hyacinth, this small

by:GEMAY     2020-06-18
Fascia gun, of course, is useful. Fascia gun, the full name of the musculoaponeurotic relaxation massage gun ( English name Fascia gnu) And the high frequency of fascia relax shock therapy ( 冲击疗法) 。 When exercise or after exercise, excessive sympathetic nervous excitement, causing the static muscle or too nervous, produce fascia adhesion, to restore growth. Myofascial guns in the United States, the NFL, NBA, MLB NHL professional sports teams, the European football club team, European and American professional athletes from all over the world, the United States Marine corps, IFBB professional bodybuilder, available for use in sports enthusiasts. From the maldives to Kevin durant to James to griffin, are the fans of the product. Fascia gun to produce 2000 - minute by minute 3000 times, through the impact point target parts of the body to relax muscle tissue recovery, promote the blood circulation. Effectively dissipate the body at the same time for exercise, work, and the fatigue life and produce large amounts of creatine, has the very good relieve the body fatigue; Its high frequency oscillation effect can be straight through deep skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle relaxing moment, meridian nerve blood instant unimpeded. For the first time know this thing is from the fitness of the great spirit in the circle of friends to see, at that time the in the mind of the idea is: the thing as household massager, stunt? Then one day in a large local gym with friends party, experience, or south Korean goods, is said to have 3800, I went to, your very. I this person face though not thin, but was only slightly short time experience, after all, there are several big fellow in the queue behind me waiting for early adopters. The feeling is: this thing according to their good indeed. With the rotation of the common household massager massage head is not the same as the simulated massage, massage fascia gun is thrust back and forth on high-speed massage head tapping hammer simulation technique, using the muscle resonance principle of deep muscle tissue depth of strike and vibration, thus accelerate the blood circulation, relieve pain, accelerate recovery after injury. I feel the effect is very good. Fascia gun in this year and that kind of fire, from various types of sporting events, we can see a lot of athletes in the match with fascia gun to relax the muscles, take an examination of hyacinth, Ross, James is in use. Good things always foreigners begin to use, and then our domestic each big gym personal training, athletes are beginning to understand the use of the thing. Taobao brand also has a lot of people think most still acceptable price, so fire up in athletes. Membrane is a layer of fibrous connective tissue up our muscles, divided into deep fascia and superficial fascia, simple point is that when we eat beef muscle layer is chewy. We can put the fascia as a spider web, dangdang pulls a piece of wire, will be jointly and severally changes of other parts. So, now more and more sports medicine research on fascia, linked to the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine also. Think in terms of fascia disease rehabilitation, want to have a overall concept, rather than where pain treatment. When there is dehydration, fascia adhesion, will appear a series of strain when contracture, pathological changes, so, relax fascia for rehabilitation is very important. Emerged a series of relaxation fascia means equipment methods.
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