Fascia gun is fitness circle web celebrity products in recent years, domestic haven't introduce DMS before exercise rehabilitation theory and products, mostly with foreign counterparts. As domestic little red book

by:GEMAY     2020-06-26
Say fascia gun is fascia, relaxing exercise recovery, even pain relief artifact, initially popular fascia guns are the main market for foreign brands, high prices. As Chinese manufacturers of intervention, reduce costs, make the fascia gun civilian to change quickly, the price of the fascia gun using AI intelligence control chip, according to the massage pressure automatically adjust the motor speed and output power, realizes the intelligent fascia gun. The first generation of fascia gun adopts multifrequency vibration design, struck 3200 times per minute, equipped with four kinds of massage head replacement, through the high frequency vibration impact, to constantly hit fascia muscle, through such a jerk, loose loose muscle and fascia of high tension and adhesion, the flexibility of the muscle fascia ductility increases, effectively relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, achieve the effect of relax the muscle fascia. In general, the first generation of fascia gun in functional, workmanship, human-computer interaction, use feeling and so on have been a good evaluation. And now the second generation of fascia gun is forthcoming, the second generation fascia gun to enhance the user experience degrees, its own bluetooth speakers, allows users to use while listening to music when using, to relax the process of the fascia is no longer boring. In the future, fascia gun will be more than just the gym relax artifact, it is bound to come into the mind of the public, into the mass market, become the family daily care, middle-aged and old physical therapy, an office worker applies physical therapy equipment, inject new vitality for healthy life.
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