Fascia gun is getting more and more popular in the sports circle, relaxation also does have its role in sports. The use of the fascia gun looks very simple, to the body

by:GEMAY     2020-06-25
Fascia gun don't impact the taboo of articular joints are important and sensitive part of the body, fascia gun is mainly used for soft tissue for muscle relaxes, used to strike the joints are ineffective, and easy to cause joint damage, after all is hard in the collision, no buffer. Does not apply to certain parts of vital parts of the body such as head, muscle thin parts such as the armpits, lower abdomen, vital organs and the part of the aorta such as waist, neck, etc. These unfavorable use fascia gun impact position. The longer, the more the better not from the same area using the total duration of 3 - many times 5 minutes advisable, and according to the muscle texture in different positions. General need not too exert external pressure, ache in a 6 - The feeling of eight points. Use good quality fascia gun now fascia gun market appeared a lot of imitation, reconstruction and even fake fascia gun, are manufactured. Because of its vibration frequency and the lack of protection mechanism easy to damage, serious even can cause cardiac arrest, and shock. Because there are some use inferior motor, battery lead to use such as explosion hazard. Follow the guidance of professionals with a physical illness or injury who came before, should consult a doctor, Kang Fushi or coach. Unfavorable use fascia gun impact head head contains features of parts of the body and brain, along with a variety of acupuncture points, these are crisp flesh and sensitive position, it is crucial for people. What's more, in addition to the protection of the skeleton head, didn't also too thick muscle and fascia need to relax. So, beat the head with fascia shooting is prohibited. Neck side blood vessels and nerves are widely distributed in this location, and carotid sinus in this position, it is relatively shallow, mechanical compression is quite sensitive to outside. A bit careless, can produce cardiovascular reflex, brain moment insufficient blood supply or interrupt, individuals can appear even fainting, such as cardiac arrest extremes. By contrast, pull the relaxation method is more suitable for this position. Medial shoulder clavicle is easy to ache, fascia gun struck effect is very good, from the back of the location of the trapezius muscle struck is ok, but can't hit the front position within the clavicle. This position muscle thin, and emit brachial plexus cervical spine channel, and a great artery. Armpit and large arm inside it is one of the important position of brachial plexus, still has a lot of nerve tissue, at the same time, it is weak and sensitive. Bone raised local spine, ankle, elbow, the coccyx, such as the location, there are obvious bone or joint and its surrounding, cannot be used with a fascia shooting, easy to cause pain and injury. Knee and around the knee is the most vulnerable to injury, but his knee and its surrounding fascia shooting is not recommended. Knee joint lateral fibula capitulum around a phil always nervous, the position of the knee after the nest, popliteal artery, tibial nerve and total nerve from the position of the past. Fascia gun down the muscle of the correct way of using the texture and the Suggestions on the Internet to find some muscle texture map to look at, according to the alignment of the whole. Such as general, chest muscles is horizontal, the leg muscles is vertical. Appropriate attention without a strong hard, use muscle fascia spear to resist, through resonance, enhance the penetration and massage effect. To move slowly don't hit too long in the same location, moving slowly, with a certain thrust. Choose massage head for different position to choose the appropriate massage head. Pineapple jun fascia gun massage head choose general fascia gun will be equipped with different massage heads, the massage heads of different brand will have difference, here to Booster pineapple king Pro3 massage head as an example. Compressed air Booster soft head which is pineapple king Pro3 newly equipped with a massage head, is also innovative massage head currently on the market. It has a similar to the spring loaded soft design, the inner hollow and circulation of air. The head of the buffer effect is obvious, it is easier to form muscle resonance, soft and comfortable, especially for soft tissue and sensitive muscles relax, such as shoulder neck, abdomen, etc. For the elderly and children to use, it is also preferred. Truss head inside the hollow, soft, the area is large, for the entire body muscles relax, massage that occupy the home also is right choice. Small round head function area is relatively small, more stressful, suitable for big muscles relax, such as pectoralis major, coxal muscle, etc. Flat head hard texture, force feedback is stronger, suitable for people with certain fitness. The bullet point massage, instead of finger massage, the effect on spot position, stay no more than 15 seconds long, strong forces, under the guidance of the best coaches and other professionals in use. Spine head also called u-shaped, specifically for the spine muscles, and the calf, in areas such as the Achilles tendon to avoid prone to dangerous sensitive position, relax the muscles on both sides of the use.
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