Fascia gun is now in a very popular sport instruments, can help us relax after the muscle, fascia gun span is very big, the price of imports of two or three

by:GEMAY     2020-06-06
Fascia gun ranging from 400 to 3000 +, the price of imports will be much more expensive. Fascia gun although there are many advantages, such as to avoid long massage knuckle, avoid hand contact with the skin disease, can also according to need to adjust the vibration frequency. But, there are still a lot less hand massage places, such as the price of fascia gun are relatively expensive, not everyone can afford it. Fascia gun is useful, but sell 3000 pieces of fascia gun, with the domestic many players use jigsaw + fascia spear adapted myself ( According to the cable power supply or batteries, charge in 100 - respectively 600) , there is no essential difference in effect, is a maximum of 3000 pieces of fascia gun, mute effect is better, so if you want to, can, on their own is very simple, a socket head screwdriver, there are many online tutorial. Inside our fascia, there are a lot of sensors, has more than the number of the receptors in the muscle, mainly divided into the following four: 1 Pacific's small body: responsible for the rapid changes of pressure, vibration, pressure, fascia gun works is mainly embodied by it; 2 who's little body, feeling for a long time, constant pressure stimulation, such as static stretching, fascia ball continuous press; 3 gorky key organs: active action to respond to muscles and by excessive tension, reduce muscle tension to protect tendons and joints; 4 free nerve endings: common sensors, pressure, pain, cold and hot temperature stimulation; Above is your using these means of vibration massage, drawing, play to relax and restore physiological basis of fascia, so no myth fascia gun, it was only a tool of a relaxing fascia, adopt other means, to achieve the same effect. Fascia is an embryonic tissue, is a kind of surrounding, surrounded, protect and support the structure of the human body 3 d mesh matrix. It connects the muscles, tendons, joints and bones, wrapped into a musculoskeletal system structure. We could even say that, without fascia, there is no muscle, because it will each muscle ( The original fiber, fiber bundles and fiber) To connect to the adjacent muscle and all other structures, constitute a tension network without interruption.
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