Fascia gun is now in sport is a kind of relaxation to the fire equipment, on usage is actually very simple, open the switch, choose suitable gear, however

by:GEMAY     2020-06-09
1 back massage first, always want to make sure start vibration after massage. Massage back, on the neck and shoulder muscles, up and down around before and after the massage. You will feel nodules, do not force exerting strength on the nodules, as long as more than massage for a while, nodules will dissipate. Two waist massage first, always want to make sure start vibration after massage. Under the main massage is the waist, it is recommended that the selection of soft massage head of foam. Attention should be paid to find out the location of the hip, massage near the hip muscles to spend more time, then massage to the hips, finally back to near the hip muscle massage. 3 massage hip, hip, first find out on both sides of the femoral head, and the location of the sacrum. Starting on both sides of the femoral head, slow access to massage, massage to the sacrum. Hip this area a lot of muscle fibers, spend time back and forth to massage muscle fibers. Fascia gun to follow when using muscles, so you want to relax your muscles to memorize the anatomical structures. Relax when appropriate force to resist muscle fascia gun, resonate with muscle, increase the permeability. Our principle is to tight push moving slowly, such as a dozen times to move again, each moving distance is very small. According to your relaxation areas choose different point. 1 depth workout, every body big muscle group suggest massage 3-5 minutes, the whole body accumulation suggested up to 10 ~ 15 minutes at a time. 2 work relieve use usually, rigid part massage 1 ~ 2 minutes. 1 don't too much pressure, the fascia guns have their own strength, walk back and forth toward the massage muscle parts. 2 pay attention to the feeling of the person that use, feel pain should stop operation, the operation does not need to massage too long at a time.
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