Fascia gun is suitable for all the people who need to relieve muscle tension, especially after the exercise, be sure to massage to relax fascia, so as to better protect the muscle, and fascia gun is taboo

by:GEMAY     2020-06-09
1 local muscle tension, contracture; 2 after exercise to relax; Local muscle pain points; 3 correct posture abnormal due to muscle tension; For example of patella cartilage softening release of the lateral tight muscle fascia, pull pain around the knee joint injury muscle spasm, etc can be used. Note 1: don't hit fascia joints relax gun generally applies only to the muscle tissue, if a direct impact on joints with the joints to stone directly to knock about meaning, easy to cause joint damage. Note 2: not all areas are suitable for use such as neck, XiongFuQiang, axillary muscle thickness is thinner, and close to the organs and the part of the aorta, guns are not recommended a shock. Note 3: not the longer, the more painful the more effective use of body feeling should be kept in 6 - Eight points of ache, the same position in 5 - the use of time 10 minutes. Note 4: don't to assemble or modified fascia gun products or some users to use electric hammer percussion drill assembly fascia gun because of the vibration frequency and lack of protection mechanisms to membrane damage or muscle contusion, serious can cause cardiac arrest, and shock. In addition, because domestic imitation brand is numerous, the majority of failed to pass the strict test and safety certification, suggest to buy American brand raynigel, Germany bartontech fascia gun. 1 fascia relaxation can effectively combing myofascial let 'balloon' myofascial get stretch, obtain the possibility of extension, so they don't now wrapped muscle and muscle activity, and reducing the friction of muscles and the joints of motion and muscle ductility are of great help. 2 enhance sympathetic nerve excitability muscles are more likely to enter the working state. Imagine that you are working hard to boo or waistcoat line, but not your brain effectively with gluteus muscle mass in the abdomen or the good communication, and how to ensure the training effect? By coach magic? 3 to avoid 'too strong' when the training is completed, the sympathetic nerve and excessive excitement, causing the static muscle or too nervous, to restore growth, or let the girl feel yourself too strong. Through the fascia relax to release these extra excitement, let the problem is resolved and ease. Fascia gun is a good way of relaxation therapy, in conditions allow can match a use to oneself. Of course, we also can use a foam roller, fascia, stretching to relax our muscle fascia. Fascia gun to produce 2000 - minute by minute 3000 times, through the impact point target parts of the body to relax muscle tissue recovery, promote the blood circulation. Effectively dissipate the body at the same time for exercise, work, and the fatigue life and produce large amounts of creatine, has the very good relieve the body fatigue; Its high frequency oscillation effect can be straight through deep skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle relaxing moment, meridian nerve blood instant unimpeded.
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