Fascia gun itself is not thin leg of this role, but USES fascia gun can let you won't be more and more strong, after practicing leg is actually so

by:GEMAY     2020-06-22
Fascia gun is only used for relaxation after motion, do not have thin leg effect, but the muscles relax after motion will not have to worry about leg will practice more and more thick, so reasonable fascia gun with exercise can thin leg. For girls don't want to be too strong, after muscle too nervous and not be eliminated, it's easy to grow not good-looking muscles, relaxes by fascia gun to release these extra excitement, muscle line will be packed and slender. The growth of the joints, muscles can safely and good-looking. Fascia gun, is a deep precision using the principle of vibration for myofascial relaxation equipment, suitable for the physical fitness massage peace daily to relax. Through vibration strike, achieve loosen muscle and fascia of self adjustment, to relax more efficient. Quickly alleviate muscle pain and stiffness, relieve muscle fatigue, accelerate the blood circulation, achieve the goal of improve the body health. Before met this reinforced the gun at the gym, later on the Internet, feel the price also can place the order with you, choose black, but the boss said other colours but also at the end of let boss changed the colour of the shipment of the motion, soon, the arrival of the goods tried effect is good, much better than the gym. Inspection for a long time a lot of brands. Product fine workmanship, really good, spent two days, really have the effect. Thigh muscle strain after practice before the squat, muscle recovery after using fascia gun normal elastic, overwork, very comfortable. As to have no direct comparison, and other brand did not dare to say. Exercise has been quietly coming summer, the summer off meat is particularly tired, are thinking of buying a muscle massager by yourself, find on the Internet for a long time, finally chose the, because it to high cost performance, received the Courier with, fine workmanship, feel very comfortable, special sound, rhythm fast nor slow, after a massage very comfortable, very relaxed, expect some machine durable, overall very satisfied. Broadly speaking, it has two functions. The first is the high frequency vibration, followed by heating function. This to let in a state of tension, stiff muscles have very good relaxation effect. And it through the high frequency vibration and physical heating, also can be a very good preventing fasciitis ( Fascia and muscle adhesion caused by inflammation. The painful and difficult to heal. ) Fascia gun is a kind of advanced wireless type, vibration loosening device, can deeply relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood circulation, improve performance and improving the overall health of the body tissue. Myofascial impactor is a good tool to help stretch recovery after exercise, professional athletes and amateur patrons can be used. 'Myofascial impactor' large muscle groups of the main vibration massage massage, fascia to relax, reduce ache, can let the athletes' training more effective.
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