Fascia gun? Pre-election must look at the result, lest be fascia gun is a child practice sports relax with specialized, have the effect very much, and still are

by:GEMAY     2020-06-21
SAO pink, my favorite, tired to work at ordinary times, as his teacher standing desk every day, always legs and shoulder hurts badly, so bought this massage gun, super save me sore. After use quite comfortable. Is very nice. Very sweet, also send the tutorial to use. Fascia gun? Pre-election must look at the result, in order to avoid fall for it is the real thing, with a round head beats crus, hammer is very comfortable, massage up * * *, run now don't need to do tensile, directly with fascia gun directly open can slowly press, hit a few more times after they leave, don't hit two days every day uncomfortable. Feel really took the calf muscles relax, strong movement. I belong to the weight of leg pressure also big, often feel calf acid, with the fascia gun, is really very awesome, baby very awesome, like very much, will recommend friends to buy. Really good, sealed joint, vibration frequency is stable, low noise, to relax the muscle really is very big, the benefits of acerbity keenly feel less serious than before, after running, the next day muscles would not be so serious, especially the legs feel clear, before running the next leg will be very tight will also be very acid. Massage with fascia gun is far better than tension. Big brand, reliable quality work are very good, the operation is simple, use convenient multi-position, visible to the naked eye muscles in trembling, massage can feel very comfortable, after motion parts used for training the second day of lactic acid buildup ache significantly reduce, when a person relaxed back will have trouble, my leg was very nervous before using this thoroughly with 3, 4 times to loosen ~ before also massage twice a week did not loosen. The most critical delayed ache situation much better. Very worth buying steel mould gun than computers look a few bigger, there is still feeling the grip in his hand. A cervical spondylosis obviously improved a lot in the morning and evening, after the vibration massage neck cervical vertebra not so sore, machines do manual work is delicate, choose suitable range, vibration is very comfortable, you go to sleep at night a sleep in the morning, don't have to worry about sleep is not good, the speed of each gear is different, different people may use different gear for muscle massage and relax! The strength just right! For fitness can effectively relax muscles. Worth buying! Good seller attitude is very thoughtful, enthusiastic attitude, that's great, thank Courier door-to-door delivery. No comparison, no damage, at first bought a, received after open is a gas is very thick, want to put it should be all right, put a few days is very big still, back and bought it on the Internet. Received before and found that are not comparable with the completely, aluminum alloy shell, a tiny voice, no taste, decisively rejected before buying it. Good works also offers better than expected, relaxation effect is good, can avoid break down from constant overwork caused by muscle tension, go out to massage words is also a lot of money, buy a real relax a gun to relax is back, still need people with guns help massage, I am at home to use, also pretty convenient, much better than colleagues buy massager, this feeling is more comfortable, where pain can use direct beats, there are several relatives tried all say good, worth buying. Wow ~ ~ this is really a good use! I do yoga and fascia to relax, really good! My mom waist ache, I helped her to massage every day, she said yes, comfortable bar is loose, every night sleep better! This is my yoga teacher recommended, buy a lot of our classmates together! Really think that the owner owes me a lot of advertising the teacher, I also in the circle of friends to recommend, there are also many people ask me link! Hope the owner can give preferential point oh, after shipment to try for a few days, satisfied, frequency and strength is very good. Good operation, can adjust, the use of feeling is very good, both relaxed and comfortable, can use various areas of the body, have different gear and spear can choose, normal massage head has to be used. Voice is very quiet, very big power, and muscle is quite thorough, can match the gym coach use professional effect. The most important thing is that price is very good. Perfect use after feeling is very good, a lot of 6 gear, the function is all ready, appearance novel color fashion, send the portable bag is convenient to carry, for fitness, is indeed a very practical! Shaking voice is not big, several heads can be used in the body can be used, the operation is simple to use, it feels good to be used to massage after motion, use for a few days time, feel is good, let the muscles relax, the price it pays to buy tickets to male fascia gun, is recommended by the gym instructor. Just take the arrival of the goods, I tried it on, but also very comfortable, there are four gear, what I use is 1, the feeling is ShuShu hemp, especially the massage to the calf muscle and is very comfortable, like massage. Male ticket fitness, general is to use 2 gear, he was in the gym before, the second day will ache, since tried the coach's fascia gun, must want to buy one, can relieve muscle soreness. I also tried the back massage, very comfortable, suitable for office for a long time, is a piece of cervical spine, like a fork type massage head to massage the most comfortable. Finally I'd like to boast about the fascia gun, appearance, but high levels yo, love dead. Fascia gun was exquisite, feel is good, the motor noise belongs to the normal range, form a complete set is complete, can adjust gear, also supporting the multiple massage head, can be used for different parts of the massage, fitness always suffer from their own stretch before and thoroughly massage does not reach the designated position, is to buy a gun to relieve muscle soreness after the training, is indeed can improve the body at ordinary times because exercise to the body ache, the effect is good, is worth to recommend, alongside sport friend looked like, also said that want to buy one. Fascia gun was tension, muscle and fascia artifact of deep relaxation. I this gun is upgrade version, there are four different shapes of massage head massage and six different strength of gear, meet the needs of the different parts of the muscle and fascia relaxation, easy to use, very comfortable. I often run the marathon, over 40 kilometers mileage per week people are more and more without it. Often exercise worth having. Logistics soon, two days received, tried to get the machine can't wait, can effect, simple sense is good also massage gun look pretty senior fitness back home this time has been using a relax muscle, muscle ache disappeared after fitness and calf muscles incredibly thin a centimeter, ha ha, insist on a look forward to better results. Also sent a portable bag to go out with a very convenient also very satisfied! High praise! Very convenient ah I don't have to hammer every day along while, loose muscle relaxation effect is quite good and fast, pain points massage really acid bright, and I'm in the gym with the same effect, a few days ago to go mountain climbing, leg pain, now with a much more comfortable for a few minutes, the sound is very small, very good, high performance, a massage after motion, comfortable many, after fitness artifact!
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