Fascia gun qc reports application | fascia quality inspection report and fascia gun gun qc report fees explanation, such as how much we are inspection to recognize China

by:GEMAY     2020-06-12
Quality inspection report: product quality inspection report can comprehensively and objectively reflect the quality of the product information, usually by supply and demand both sides independent third-party professional inspection institutions. Third party professional inspection institution with relative independence and impartiality, eligible to social justice data (issued by Inspection report) 。 Fascia gun full name is 'muscle fascia relaxation massage gun', using its internal high speed motor to drive 'massage head' to produce the high frequency vibration effect to deep muscle, to reduce the local tissue tension, relieve pain, promote the blood circulation, etc. Effectively dissipate the body at the same time for exercise, work, and the fatigue life and produce large amounts of creatine, has the very good relieve the body fatigue; Its high frequency oscillation effect can be straight through deep skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle relaxing moment, meridian nerve blood instant unimpeded. Fascia gun in the United States, the NFL, NBA, MLB NHL professional teams, European football club team, professional athletes, the United States and Europe the United States Marine corps, IFBB professional bodybuilder, available for use in sports enthusiasts. Fascia gun to produce 2000 - minute by minute 3000 times, through the impact point target parts of the body to relax muscle tissue recovery, promote the blood circulation. Have tight feeling after exercise muscles, the muscles joint will be tight, like muscles are tightened in one place, not only when muscles to open is a pain, and there is a feeling of bondage. The function of the fascia gun is to put tight a piece of muscle fascia dispersed, can let not that kind of constriction after exercise, muscle stretching will be more comfortable. In daily supervision inspection for industry and commerce, business unit inspection of products quality inspection report to pass the inspection report (original Stamped with red seal test report) Keep copies at the same time, and should not only experience report photocopy, avoiding inspection report from copy fake, and so on and so forth. The validity of the product quality inspection report whether have time regulations, product quality inspection report is not valid for commonly. What is the charge for fascia gun quality inspection report how to deal with? Shenzhen huatong inspection agencies in the certification testing industry more than 20 years, for domestic and foreign testing certification, has a wealth of experience and successful cases, if you have related products need to do inspection certification, welcome you directly - 400 963 - 0755 selected electricity quality inspection to inquire our company staff, understand the related cost quotation and the information such as cycle!
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