Fascia gun under the correct operation is no side effects, fascia gun is a very safe equipment, but if you use the method above is not correct, actually is

by:GEMAY     2020-06-18
As long as you use the method is correct, fascia gun is no side effects. Fascia gun used needs to have a professional coach certification, by specifying the course of training, can we truly have qualification and ability to use, and the use of the fascia gun has exquisite and there is also a taboo, you don't get their disorderly fascia gun fight, beat shouldn't loose to loose, influence muscle tension, problem is more serious. 1. Back massage, along the both sides of the spine, sma in vertical position along the direction of the muscle silk, can undertake massage up and down. Remember actions don't too fast, to massage evenly. 2. Lateral massage can also be in the position of the waist. 3. Muscles around shoulder massage, in the shoulder area, along the direction of the muscle silk, slide gently from top to bottom. 4. The center portion of the shoulder, too, must pay attention to the massage evenly, extending to the back of the shoulders. When exercise or after exercise, excessive sympathetic nervous excitement, causing the static muscle or too nervous, produce fascia adhesion, to restore growth. Fascia adhesion or damage, the body often there will be a lot of discomfort reaction: muscle stiff, stiff and tight, low local skin temperature and humidity; Muscle tissue decreased elasticity, lax, inelastic, or concave; Deep skin, muscle, bone joint between article with irregular mass or funicular hard tissue. This is a form of body protection muscles, also prevent muscle recovery protection mechanisms, in particular, some deep muscles are difficult to foam axis or vibrate the shaft touches. So, must through the fascia relax to release these extra excitement, let the problem is resolved and ease. Cooperate with dynamic stretching before training, training after static stretching, make the muscles and joints more good-looking and security. Compared to our daily used bubble is to relax, fascia gun for the relaxation of the muscle and fascia deeper and more accurate. Fascia gun is a kind of physical therapy instrument, so, it has its own set of contraindications, everybody should standardize operation when used. Convex bones in the human body, damage the acute phase, nerve blood vessels are rich and no muscle protection area, for fracture callus formation, etc. , before these cases fascia gun is avoided. Simple point is that as long as it is muscle relaxation, are very safe.
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