Fascia gun when just bought back charge is required for six hours, after charging, the led lights stop flashing means fascia gun charging completed, it is best not to every time

by:GEMAY     2020-06-23
Fascia gun charging 6 hours, LED lights stop flashing, table electricity has been filled in full. Fascia gun battery LED bar regularly on the light flashes, show the battery, said it was charging. It is not recommended to put battery completely exhausted to the level of red leds. Equipment of the average running time for two hours, it depends on the level of speed and pressure during use. Full electric case can use 3 hours. At the bottom of the boot, the green light lit up, the power light is lit up at the same time, the moment capacity. Select key press gear, you can start using, operation is very simple. Was too lazy to take pictures, but it's really nice. The fascia is a gun, tapping can direct fascia layer so called fascia gun. After I exercise because no relaxing the muscles and muscle tension caused by lost vitality not solid lumbar, so hurt my waist. From the perspective of a propaganda video, this product can effectively activate the muscles. Now the gym coach are in use, interested friends can look at first. Is online the fascia of gun fire, YiFuJie, li, wu jianhao are, James are in use, to relax movement ache very good very strong shock waves, is said to be the deep impact, so be sure to look at the instructions to use. 1. Don't be immersed in the water, away from the liquid or heat source, keep vents no dust and debris, do not remove the screws. 2. Do not use more than an hour, make continuous equipment stop half an hour, use again. 3. Before after charging or using, pull out the charger from the battery.
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