Fascia gun working principle is through the high frequency vibration stimulation muscle, tendon, articular capsule in various sensors, it could reduce the muscle pain source sex

by:GEMAY     2020-06-20
Use fascia gun should pay attention to the points 1, don't hit the joints, fascia gun is mainly used for soft tissue for muscle relaxes, used to strike the joints are ineffective, and easy to cause joint damage. Around 2, parts shall not apply, such as important in the head of the muscle is thin parts such as the armpits, lower abdomen, vital organs, etc. , these unfavorable use fascia gun. 3, rich site shall not apply to the nerve blood vessels, rich with nerve blood vessels, such as the neck, groin, flank, around these places less muscle tissue and fragile, and if a violent vibration easy to aggravate the injury. 4, muscle, ligament injury in acute period does not apply, when muscle muscle is in a contracting state to protect themselves, this is called muscle who phenomenon, then using the fascia gun is easy to make it more nervous even before can aggravate the damage. Fascia USES tutorial USES fascia gun gun, notice need not vigorously, use muscle fascia spear to resist, through resonance, enhance the penetration and massage effect. Don't hit too long in the same location, moving slowly, with a certain thrust. According to different position to choose the appropriate massage head. Begin vibrating back massage, make sure to massage. Massage back, on the neck and shoulder muscles, up and down around before and after the massage. Begin vibrating massage waist, make sure to massage. Under the main massage is the waist, it is recommended that the selection of soft massage head of foam. Attention should be paid to find out the location of the hip, massage near the hip muscles to spend more time, then massage to the hips, finally back to near the hip muscle massage. Hips massage, massage the hips, first find out on both sides of the femoral head, and the location of the sacrum. Starting on both sides of the femoral head, slow access to massage, massage to the sacrum. Hip this area a lot of muscle fibers, spend more time going back and forth to massage muscle fibers.
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