Fascia is a kind of soft tissue, our body when we and anatomy, the entity or to buy pork, which layer of the white mesh material

by:GEMAY     2020-06-23
Fascia is covering the body of a net, main purpose is to assist human body posture and fixed on tension conduction, fascia was divided into the deep fascia and superficial fascia. Starting from the body surface, respectively is the skin - — The shallow layer of fat - — Superficial fascia - — Deep layer of fat - — Deep fascia - — The muscles. Above the superficial fascia is rich in blood vessels and nerves, mainly for pain, and body fluids. After the superficial fascia adhesion, prone to return variation, cause oedema, can affect the elasticity of the skin. Deep fascia around the muscle, which has a very rich proprioceptive, muscle is almost 10 times as much, most of our body perceived sense of muscle contraction, are derived from the deep fascia. And most of the muscle injury, damage is also deep fascia. Between the deep fascia of connective tissue contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid ( Hyaluronic acid is one of them) At lower PH and inflammatory reaction, active hyaluronic acid will rise. Will reduce its content, the form will change from liquid to solid, adhesive will strengthen. Deterioration in sliding between the fascia, give full play to the movement will be affected. And want to increase the relative sliding between the fascia, the best way is in a relatively stress under the condition of sliding, offer certain pressure, accelerate the decomposition of hyaluronic acid, make large molecules into smaller molecules, solid state into liquid. The relative sliding fascia restore better. Fascia gun and fascia knife can promote the relative sliding between the fascia, to a better state. But fascia gun and fascia knives on the market variety, just there is a big difference in the two, is to choose the fascia gun or fascia knife? The principle of fascia gun mainly through the high frequency vibration ( About 2000 - minute by minute 3000 times) , relax for local surrounding soft tissue. Fascia knife mainly through the external shear force, in the process of their muscle tissue, soft tissue dissection between, promote the sliding between fascia, increase the hyaluronic acid decomposition. Specific difference is as follows, you will be able to identify: fascia gun to the requirement of human body muscle dissection is lower, mastering the muscles are headed to, operation difficulty is low, the general population in systematic fascia gun can use after training; Fascia knife requires the operator is familiar with all kinds of soft tissue, must have certain understanding the characteristic of various kinds of soft tissue, therefore, fascia knife generally require the use of all kinds of fascia knife and know enough to use, and can have very good touch feeling, familiar with all kinds of soft tissue release steps and methods of the effective, familiar with fascia knife five step process processing method, the difficulty is higher. In terms of both the effect of the fascia gun for large area and relatively thick muscles, such as the back, hips, thighs, where there will be a very quick release effect, and its role to the deeper soft tissue injury, help with faster to relax, and is due to the vibration of the machine to complete, can save the power of the operator. And fascia knife for forearm fingers, neck, joints, ankle and other small parts have very good effect on curing release. For the processing of the muscles of the large area can be a very good to improve the body for body muscle nerve perception, increase muscle training efficiency. Although good, but there are taboo. Fascia gun for a soft tissues thinner parts such as joints, muscles, fracture position cannot be processed; Fascia knife is not to deal with damaged skin. Fascia gun operation time generally better in 30 ~ 60 minutes, and fascia knife operation time in 2 hours, in time, fascia gun is more suitable for use in the family. They are both have their own advantages, but for ordinary people, fitness small white, a yoga teacher and family use, fascia gun more practical, and more suitable for after exercise to relax in a timely manner. Fascia knife is more suitable for professionals, the difficulty is also higher.
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