First come out of the family, including box fascia gun, chargers, battery grip and six massage head, respectively is suitable for large muscle groups

by:GEMAY     2020-06-04
I take is deep gray version, and selection of wine red and pearl white. I prefer deep grey, and deep grey is pretty popular now, such as apple a lot of products have deep gray color, appear high grade atmosphere. Using high-power brushless motor, powerful, and the noise sources. Rear panel LCD display is very intuitive, can display the gear, a total of 5, up to 3300 r/min, and the high-grade feeling a whole fascia gun also more stable, panel, X100 Numbers are hitting times and can easily count, touch switch is sensitive and no the phenomenon of press have no reaction, but there is a weakness, is if you want to shut down, so you'll have to open until 5 file, and then check it will stop working, and I think that it is possible that prevent touch of the setting, but all is not so easy, maybe do two switch more convenient, of course you can also directly close the battery main switch on the handle. Is this battery grip at the bottom of the switch, battery grip use 24 v / 2400 mah lithium-ion batteries, about 3 - full charge 4 hours, but I have no so long, no actual tested range can reach the nominal, but I feel very durable. Battery grip is plastic bags outside, feel is good, grasping more secure, don't slide sweating, but will be more easy to get dirty. Battery grip with the body can be separated apart so convenient to carry, when it comes to carry, there is a groove points need to say, is not with throw in portable bag, the product is just a bigger box, so I bring the gym is the need to find a parcel to machine body, the handle and massage head, six massage head can not be with, you need to take a most commonly used, so the portability of the product is made some discount, hope manufacturer to consider the actual demand. Handle bottom ring have LCD power, according to the word is larger, intuitive, high praise. Handle lock body, battery grip after what will automatically lock, prevent because of strong vibration in the operation to handle with the fuselage from, I started the battery did not put an end, a drive to 5 shift will shock leads to downtime, when disassembling handle can be pushed to unlock position, is very convenient. Ventilation cooling effect is good, use does not appear in the motor overheating. Massage head installation is very simple, what can be inserted into the hole, is very strong, directly can pull down, and poisoning the feeling of living. Get a fascia gun nature wants to go to the gym and rolled iron while experience. Muscle stimulation before exercise and relaxation, instead of drawing the warm-up, I choose 3 files, using a small flat to warm up. To the dimensions of the fascia gun household hair dryer, weight is slightly heavier than blower, but no portable bag or inconvenient to carry. In order to test the effect of the fascia gun, I have increased the amount of exercise, muscles were carried out to stimulate movement. At the gym I mainly use small flat, 5 file for relaxation and massage, iron does not stretch to relax, and rolled over, but the fascia gun can be used instead, feel the effect, the results are quite satisfactory, high intensity training did not lead to the second day is usually a muscle soreness, nodules, and so on, explain fascia gun has a certain effect, dare not to say can completely replace the tensile relaxation, but is really a good choice, and can save a lot of time. Return to the company and I personally experience the six kinds of different massage heads. Small round head for joints massage. I have an old left shoulder joint injury, sometimes rolled iron hurts, I use the small round head, 5-speed massage, small round head is hard plastic material, contact area is small, can accurate massage to the location of the pain, feel comfortable, massage over no discomfort, it seems that I should make a massage more at ordinary times, can largely alleviate pain. Ball head similar foam material is elastic, suitable for large muscle groups of massage, I used to carry out chest and buttocks leg massage, can feel deep stimulation to muscle, relieve muscle soreness in after the exercise. With ball head, ball head is suitable for large muscle groups of massage, but I feel is more suitable for the arm, neck massage, can be more accurate than the ball head massage and targeted. The same material of similar foam plastic and elastic material. U head for spinal injuries, I to this tolerance is low, so tried 2 - only 3, fascia gun when low gears feel vibrations is bigger, instead of high position is more stable. Relax vertebral very fit, but this need company to help. Damping head head is the rubber elasticity, suitable for sensitive tickling people are afraid of pain, I only used the roughly, also apply to the entire body, but can also be my tolerance, so this is not for me. Six massage head small flat I think should be the highest utilization rate, first apply to the entire body, hard plastic material, small size, convenient to carry, I go to the gym and take a massage head, that is flat, massage precision, moderate strength, very practical a massage head. Full-body massage, about 10 minutes or so, and the intelligence of fascia gun timing function is just 10 minutes, will automatically stop working, and guarantee the massage is not excessive, energy conservation and protect the motor. , of course, there is a hidden function that rolled cat, because fascia gun work voice is not big, so will not scare the cat son, instead of a cat owner or enjoy? Overall feeling fascia gun is very suitable for fitness 'group, small can carry to the gym to warm up before exercise, muscle activation, exercise the muscle relaxation in the process of stimulus, and fitness after relaxation prevent nodules and lactic acid accumulation. Save a lot of stretching, but personally, I think may be stretched and fascia gun combination will be a better choice. As to whether slimming, may need the use of a period of time to experience, there is no conclusion. In a word, good, really delicious!
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