For treatment of pain related to prostrate as

by:GEMAY     2020-08-22
The first step that is required to begin with the Kegel Exerciser is to find out the pelvic muscles of the body. To find out the PC muscle is not that tough, but one should be careful. This can be found out during urination. While urinating after attaining the flow, the thing that you should do is to stop the flow of the urine. While doing so one can feel tightening in a certain area that is the pelvic muscle. This can also be done by inserting a finger into the anus and gripping the finger. But before inserting the finger inside the anus the finger should be lubricated, otherwise there can be a problem. After finding out the muscle that got tightened the Kegel Exerciser should be used. One can use it any time anywhere. The special aids that are available with it are Peristal' as well as the 'Prostate Massager'. There is a pattern called the squeeze, Hold and release. This pattern is applied for improving the strength of the pelvic muscle. In this process one squeezes the PC muscle, hold it for few seconds and the releases it. With more and more practice the time to hold the muscles should be 10 seconds. This process of squeezing, holding as well as releasing the muscle should be repeated 10 times for good results. The use of Kegel Exerciser is beneficial.
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