how to relieve foot pain

by:GEMAY     2020-12-07
People with sore feet know what these are.
How many times have you experienced in the last 6 months?
The foot hurts so badly that you just can\'t find the right mat in your shoes to be comfortable and painless.
Either the insoles are too soft, too hard, too thin, too thick, or you cut them wrong and you can feel them when you put them in your shoes.
Meanwhile, your feet are hurting all day!
Tingling, numbness, cramps and beating at the same time.
How can anyone on Earth spend the day with all the pain?
Afraid to walk from room to room.
One day, my left foot heel began to get hurt for no reason, this is not plantar fasciitis.
This is a constant sting.
Too bad I can\'t stand or walk on it.
I didn\'t even do anything to hurt it.
The day passed and my right heel began to hurt.
Right after the bottom sole of my two feet was sore all day long.
It\'s terrible to get up from bed in the morning.
Sitting on the couch, my feet are held up or down and will end up beating them in pain.
I went to the foot doctor and he gave me a shot because he thought I had plantar fasciitis.
So the lens has to be accurate to where my heel hurts.
He missed the position and failed to shoot.
So a week later, I went back and told him that my foot was completely hurt. Top and Bottom.
He came to the conclusion that I had no plantar fascia.
I have something different and he just doesn\'t know what it is.
Then he started recording my feet with the athlete tape.
All I do is make my feet beat like crazy!
When I got home, I couldn\'t get the tape down fast enough.
Pain medication does not work either.
That\'s when I decided to do some research and do something myself.
After trying a lot of different things
I came up with a daily plan that includes these six things. Tylenol -
Soak directly with salt
Once a Day
Electric foot massager twice a day
Use sandals flex sandals as much as possible
You may have heard of rolling a tennis ball around your soles.
This works, however, it\'s hard to keep the ball under your feet if it doesn\'t keep rolling.
Also, you need to put more pressure on the pain than tennis can provide.
That\'s why you need an electric foot massager.
The best one for me is the foot Press massager.
It has rotating metal balls that knead into pain.
They also have hot and cold food.
When you slide your feet into reflective sandals for the first time, acupuncture sandals, reflective sandals can hurt your feet to death!
They will feel like needles trying to get through the skin.
I\'m not trying to persuade you not to use them.
I just want to tell you the truth.
You must get used to them.
Put them on a few times in a short time of the whole day.
So you can get used to it.
Yes, you will eventually get used to it.
Now, they are not the type of sandals you can wear all day long.
They are used to massage pain.
You just want to take a few steps with them here and there.
In this way, the small button can give you the tender, where the pain is, and help relieve the pressure of the pain.
As long as you like, or until the water gets cold, soak your feet in warm Epsom salt water.
Buy any brand you want.
There is nothing better than the others.
I just bought this at Walmart. 98 cents.
I also made the mixture with a spray bottle that rubbed alcohol, water and Epsom salt.
I used the spray with Aspercreme.
Yes, I tried a lot of things.
What I\'m listing here is all that works for me.
Why does Epsom salt help relieve pain?
Because of magnesium.
Have you ever heard of magnesium due to cramps? It works.
This is another story.
Comfortable shoes with sore feet you have a closet full of shoes can\'t you wear any shoes?
You want a pair to support you.
The only one who can decide which pair of shoes you can wear is \"Your Feet \".
What\'s best for them?
Even if you try on a pair in a shoe shop.
That doesn\'t mean you can still put them on when you get home.
I found these by chance one day.
They are called \"daos \".
They are thick rubber shoes.
When you slip in there will be a strong but soft, soft, cushion feeling.
This sandals keep your feet even.
Don\'t let it press down from one side.
They also have some small nubs that gently massage your soles of the feet as you walk.
I chose these in the summer and wear them around the house most of the time or if I have to run errands. Excuse me.
I mean, I chose these sandals on my feet.
You know what I mean, no matter what shoes you wear, if your foot is hurt.
The disclaimer does not promote or be attached to any of these items here.
These are my personal photos, experiments, and findings that work well for me as well to ease my foot pain.
I hope this information can and will help others who are equally uncomfortable.
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