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by:GEMAY     2020-07-02
For thousands of years, medical reports have sang the praises of the amazing healing effects of massager treatment and the benefits of rubbing and friction for health issues associated with proper circulation and joint pain. A variety of unique techniques used in massager have proven to be nourishing for many parts of the body, including the circulatory and nervous systems. The list of mental and physical benefits of regular massager treatment is extensive; here are just a few: * Relief from chronic pain; * Mental relaxation resulting in improved concentration; * Better skin tone; * Physical relaxation resulting in sounder sleep; * Lower heart rate and blood pressure; * Reduction in stress and tension-related headaches. Before integrating massager treatment into your regular health regimen, please keep the following in mind: * You need to do your homework and review your therapist's experience, credentials and training. Don't be afraid to ask questions to determine if a particular therapist has the proper skill set for your needs. * massager therapy is not meant to replace your existing medical care for a particular problem, but to enhance it. Always consult with your physician if you have any concerns. * If you do have an existing medical condition and aren't certain that massager therapy is right for you, discuss it with your doctor and get his/her opinion before beginning a long-range massager therapy plan. Many don't realize that massager therapy is also used in the treatment of the following common health concerns: * Bronchitis; * Carpal tunnel syndrome; * Asthma and allergies; * Sports injuries; * Fibromyalgia; * Depression and Anxiety. Magnetic therapy is not a new practice. It was very much practiced in ancient China. There is a reference that magnets were held in hand. There are many ancient text that speaks about the use of magnetic therapy to treat various nervous, opthalmic, abdomen etc. related problems. The magnetic massagerr is one of the important links of the long chain of magnetic equipments. They activate the tissues of the body part in which they are applied, increase the blood circulation and hence provide relief in various physical problems like tennis or golf elbow, spondylytis, cervical, gout etc. Normally the modern magnetic massager combine in itself the functions of acupressure therapy and magnetic massager. Modern day massager increases the movement of fluids through the tissue thereby enhancing the lymphatic return systems. They help in the circulation of oxygen, blood, lactic acid etc. through a one-way valve system such that their return to the heart and liver can be assisted by muscle contraction. The magnetic massager establish a fluid exchange and promotes healing. Medically the magnetic massagers have proved to be very helpful. They enhance the blood flow, lymphatic drainage, oxygen uptake capacity and are very useful in various physical disorders like chronic fatigue, peripheral, neuropathy, bursitis, fascitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion syndrome etc.
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