If you know about fascia gun more, so the list below the fascia gun brand mess you must have some feelings:

by:GEMAY     2020-06-29
1, the fascia gun brand on the market: complicated day come up to a new brand is not exaggerated; 2, the good and evil people mixed up fascia gun brand: many shoddy workmanship deep fascia gun don't hit the effect of relaxation, but a simple vibration form of 'vibrator'; 3, the price of the fascia gun to: now on the market of the fascia gun from more than 100 points to 3000 or even 4, 5000, and the value of the price differential is difficult to have a clearly defined; Even some fascia gun the same but different price; 4, false propaganda seriously, a lot of publicity and rendering of fascia gun, as well as the technical points are done, the actual effect is poor. These the cause of all sorts of chaos is: a, a lot of fascia gun factory conclude a cooperation with brand, manufacturer is responsible for the production, and then different brand label, the same kind of fascia gun can 'change' into various brands. This is why many fascia gun look the same, but is a German brand, the one from the United States, in fact, they can all be a batch of products in a factory in guangdong. Between different brand, the price is different, sales and service system is different, so the market is more and more disorderly, consumers' rights and interests can not get protection. Even buy the fascia of gun today, tomorrow can't find the brand. Second, a lot of fascia gun makers did not grasp the core technology, no innovation research and development, they are just development ( Even plagiarism) Out of a mold, just can realize scale struck ( Such as online said curve saw modified fascia gun) 。 This is why some fascia gun basic stroke little amplitude, while others fascia gun stroke can reach 12 mm, inside this core technology factors of production is involved, and simple assembly is difficult to achieve. In deep fascia layer location so fascia gun disorderly is the brand of the mess, and brand is the strength of the company behind it, connotation and motivation. For some companies trying to earn a quick buck, just earn money, fascia gun disorderly market not disorderly, the product is good, has nothing to do with them. So, we should be familiar with the company situation and position of each brand behind so we choose more trustworthy products. I'm just an ordinary consumers, although know the setting of the company is limited, but further queries via the Internet, these currently on the market sales comparison fascia to the fire a gun behind the company, or from many sides reflects the positioning of the company.
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