If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, maybe

by:GEMAY     2020-09-19
PAIN, lower back pain, became my daily companion after a household move during which I apparently did something to injure a disc in my lower spine, though I had hired movers to do the heavy lifting. MRIs would later show a herniated disc condition. After settling into my new house, I was unable to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. My lower back pain would wake me up and make it difficult for me to get back to sleep again. That was probably the worst part of my 20-year ordeal with lower back pain: Being unable to get a good (solid) night's sleep. During the two decades that followed, I tried every approach and type of remedy for lower back pain that I could find. These included (in alphabetical order) acupuncture, chiropractic, epidural cortisone steroid injections, inversion table therapy, massage, medications, pain killers, PLDD (a minimally invasive procedure known as percutaneous laser disc decompression), physical therapy and yoga. All were interesting experiences but none achieved the goal of alleviating my lower back pain for any length of time. Evaluating these experiences, in retrospect, there were three major problems with them: First, they cost me time. Second, they cost me money and lots of it (the fee for PLDD on a single disc, for example, is $10,000!). Third, many of these methodologies were potentially dangerous. Some of them, such as chiropractic, worsened my condition. Some of them, such as inversion therapy, could have killed me (for documentation, see It was only after all avenues had been exhausted that my wife and I recalled a product we had been seeing on TV infomercials for several years, the Back2Life ('Back to Life') device. It had looked intriguing but we had resisted ordering it for three main reasons: First, it was being advertised through an 'infomercial' and we had a negative impression of products sold through infomercials. Second, it seemed too good to be true, so we figured it probably was. Third, we were concerned about the practicality of returning it to the manufacturer if it turned out not to work or be defective in some way. Taking another look at the product's online reviews, I came to the realization that they were substantially favorable, so I decided to give Back2Life a try. Much to my surprise, within only a couple of weeks of use, my daytime pain had been reduced by more than half and my ability to sleep for long stretches at a time had improved dramatically. Even if the Back2Life machine never completely 'cures' my back pain, the improvement in quality of life as a result of the substantial reduction in pain makes the device worth its weight in gold to me. Is there a catch? Yes, there is: I discovered that there are a number of techniques you need to be aware of in order to make optimal use of this device, to maximize the chances that it may work effectively for you. I have included these tips and techniques in detail on a special website,, for which there is no fee to access. Before you spend time and money, before you take risks, on the treatments I myself have been through, I urge you not to overlook a potential solution that is both simple and economical. Do yourself a favor and look into the Back2Life device. Don't turn up your nose at it as I did, just because it is advertised through infomercials. You don't have to buy it through the infomercials. In fact, I suggest you do not and offer you a safe alternative, at
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