In a brush motor commutator on the rotor,

by:GEMAY     2020-06-27
During the emergence and development of brushless dc motor (BLDCM), the distributed winding is used as the initial stator winding, but recently it is concentrated winding. About the distributed volume and concentration, please refer to the 'distributed volume and enrichment' column. Obviously, sine wave control compared to square wave control, the torque ripple is small, less current harmonic, control feels more 'exquisite', but the performance requirements of the controller is a bit higher than that of square wave to control, and motor efficiency can't play to the maximum. Fascia gun motor solution when it can guarantee the armature conductors from under a stator poles to another extremely under the current synchronous change direction, the brushless dc motor armature winding of the change in the direction of current controlled by power tube of the switch, in order to ensure the switch signals and turned the position of the rotor poles synchronization, need to detect the rotor position Angle sensor. Chip can drive N type power MOSFET, servo motor, dc motor is basically a brushless dc motor, its some kind of position feedback control is connected to the rotor shaft. They type connected to the PWM controller and controlled by its, it is mainly used for position control systems, and radio control model. Fascia gun motor solution lack of mechanical commutation can cause other problems, because motor commutation. Use electrical commutation brushless motor, it sounds very amazing? This way of reversing, you need to make sure that the current in the motor always produce a can move the rotor's magnetic field. The highest power to 36 v. Chip state switching logic by three phase difference of 120 & deg; The hall of input. Rotor is composed of permanent magnet, there may be anywhere between 2 to 8 to help change the magnetic field density. Square wave to control the use of hall sensors or non-inductive estimate algorithm to obtain the position of the motor rotor, then according to the position of the rotor in 360 & deg; The electrical cycle, 6 reversing ( Every 60 & deg; Once the reversing) 。 Overuse of the permanent magnet dc motor winding motor has better than equivalent linear speed/torque characteristics, because it is permanent and sometimes very strong magnetic field, making them more suitable for model of robot and the servo system. Though have a dc motor is very effective and cheap, but the problem is related to a brushless dc motor commutator and carbon brush of the heavy load conditions between the two surfaces, fascia gun motor scheme usually use cheap ferrite magnets, but because of its high magnetic flux density, rare earth permanent magnet is considered to be the ideal. Size weight ratio and higher torque also boosted alloy magnets used;
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