In recent years, the fitness of the health undertakings in full swing, whether it is in order to lose weight, or for health, for fitness in this matter,

by:GEMAY     2020-06-07
Fitness is good, but the fitness after the second day of the heart is is likely to be returned. Muscle pain, swelling, and is gradually increasing with the naked eye can measure the latitude. Not to mention the sweat of the subway to work, even the bed to the toilet has become a luxury. How to effectively avoid fitness sequela? Stretching exercise, this topic for a long time seems like we're the bugs on the path of fitness, although frequently speak of it is particularly important, but every time you sweat tired as a dog, don't stretch, snoring can be directly lying on the mat. And correct stretching and how to effectively stretching, is you fitness small white is very thorny problem. Stretching undeserved can cause muscle damage is more serious, stretching not serious will cause secondary damage to tight muscles, all some people simply give up stretch, let the muscles. Star amway, it is time to give a crit muscle pain! If for those who are too lazy to stretch or for people who don't know how to stretch, is not without a solution. Recently frequently, the fire in the relaxation of artifacts appear in the show, can completely solve your urgent needs, to exhibit a break from now on. With it, hitting the soul of comfort! Muscle soreness after exercise, may not be just in the muscle tissue itself, but the package in the fascia. New research shows that: the change of the fascia and damage is main reason of let a person appear muscle pain. And one of the most effective ways to repair of the fascia is: massage. But your massage easily does not reach the designated position, looking for professionals to do some big overhead. So a lot of bodybuilders, including stars are of the fascia gun of this tool. Actually back in a couple of years ago, this magic tool called fascia gun, already into the country, in a small fire between the senior sports enthusiasts. Recently with the heat of variety shows, in the 'happy camp' caishaofen couples, to the wu jianhao are 'this is the street dance'. Fascia gun once again return to the public view. What is the fascia fascia gun, gun is a deep precision using the principle of vibration for myofascial relaxation equipment, suitable for the physical fitness massage peace daily to relax. Through vibration strike, achieve loosen muscle and fascia of self adjustment, to relax more efficient. Quickly alleviate muscle pain and stiffness, relieve muscle fatigue, accelerate the blood circulation, achieve the goal of improve the body health. After fitness massage for 10 minutes with it, you can feel whole body bundles tense muscles gradually relaxed, the whole people like be reopened immediately activated, whole body stretch, the second day also doesn't have muscle soreness discomfort. NBA star also in use before the star benefits actually, fascia gun has long been used as an athlete must relax after the game. The MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, such as professional sports teams, the European football club team of professional athletes are using fascia gun muscle relaxation, keep the best state. After fitness not ache, muscle lines more beautiful for a fitness guru, with demand increase muscle fascia gun for efficient muscle relaxation, not only can avoid the discomfort after high intensity exercise, can also promote the sympathetic nervous excitement, let the muscles are more likely to enter the working state, the brain and body better cooperate, ma3 jia3, boo good figure is more available. A minute after initiation of muscles relax, can make a whole increased 5 - the bow 10cm。 And for girls don't want to be too strong, after muscle too nervous and not be eliminated, it's easy to grow not good-looking muscles, relaxes by fascia gun to release these extra excitement, muscle line will be packed and slender. The growth of the joints, muscles can safely and good-looking. Not fitness also worth having for most workers, sedentary stiff neck extremely easy to a day, with its rapid relax, also can prevent cervical spondylosis. After hiking trip, use it to relax the leg muscles, also can rapid recovery. Even after daily mentioned weight, massage with it can timely prevent muscle injury. Local thin leg of girl, hope fascia to relax and stretch part is more important than the primary training actions, relax the calf with fascia gun, 1 cm smaller than can not relax the small degrees. The NBA star with, relax muscles, and urgent!
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