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by:GEMAY     2020-06-28
Fascia gun full name is 'muscle fascia relaxation massage gun', using its internal high speed motor to drive 'massage head' to produce the high frequency vibration effect to deep muscle, to reduce the local tissue tension, relieve pain, promote the blood circulation, etc. After exercise muscles tightening will have a certain sense, is like a muscle is fastening in one place, want to open not only pain, there will be a certain sense of bondage. The function of the fascia gun is to put tight a piece of muscle fascia scatter, let a person get rid of that kind of constriction after fitness, comfortable stretch. Compared to our daily use bubble axis massage ball to relax, fascia gun for the relaxation of the muscle and fascia deeper and more accurate. The advantage of domestic fascia gun with fascia gun in European and American countries fire up in the circle of fitness, the fascia of all sorts of brands and price. American brand price is in commonly 200 - fascia gun $500 range, because the price is too high, a lot of strong ability of network video blogger even begin homemade version of multifarious transformation fascia gun. Domestic price is in commonly 50 - fascia gun $120 range, so we domestic fascia gun has great advantage on price. 1. Choose fascia gun basically see battery life, vibration frequency and depth, and number of massage head. Generally speaking, on the market at present battery in 2 - 6 hours, gear between 3 to 6 stall, the frequency is 1800 - In 2-3200, the massage head 6. Prices are higher in the fascia of the gun general brand, as well as the appearance, LCD display, aluminum alloy to receive package such as added value. 2. Certification fascia gun with a rechargeable lithium battery, choose a product the seller should pay attention to the product must pass strict test and selling the target of safety certification.
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