In To Me I See: 5 Tips for Shedding Inches and Stress

by:GEMAY     2020-05-06
The way you see yourself not only impacts how you treat your body it affects how you interact with the world. In fact, your relationship with yourself is vital! In both Macrobiotics and Ayurveda, the focus is about wholesome food, honoring the individual and living a FULL life. According to Merriam-Webster, when using the word 'full' in this manner it means: containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space. Unfortunately, these days, we tend to fill our days and lives with many things that will not matter one year from now. And even though these 'things' must get done, what will it really matter if we're not in love with life and the power we posses? I have yet to meet a person about to take their last breath, wishing they had better credit or should have done more to keep his or her house from going into foreclosure. Not even close; all they wanted was to be close, share the love and apologize for not having taken the time to be connected. So here's the deal. Our body is our vessel and our home. When it's not well, we FEEL it, and eventually SEE it. Anxiety, frustration, fatigue, overwhelm, NEEDING a drink, bloating, pain, fluid retention, hair loss, excess weight, dis-ease (depending on our physiology), slowly progressing forward, and rapidly interfering with the greatest moments to be had! Having said this, we must redirect our thought process and see the greater benefit to losing those unwanted inches... connection to self, others, love, joy and peace within which in turn makes daily stress far more manageable. 1) Deconstruct your cravings a.k.a. Vitamin L ~ cravings are not a problem; they are critical pieces of information that tell us what our body important thing is to understand why we crave what we crave. What is out of balance in our life? Is there something we need to express, or is something being repressed? What happened just before we had the craving? The next time you have a craving, treat it as a loving message from your body instead of a weakness. Give yourself a few moments to consider it and do what feels right to you. Cravings are an opportunity to cultivate a dynamic relationship with yourself. 2) Support the body with herbs and essential oils i.e. Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Frankincense, etc ~ botanicals work synergistically with the endocrine system relieving stress, flushing toxins and restoring a sense of balance providing a calmer, clearer approach to life 3) Move your body ~ we already know many of the benefits we get from exercise; however, there are a couple more not frequently mentioned. Walking boosts serotonin levels; dancing lifts our spirit, and exercise overall gives us a chance to connect to ourselves. Take the time to pop in some earbuds and disconnect from the world AND don't look at it as being rude or unsocial. See it as vital 'you' time; very much like moving meditation. Release the worry, angst and stress of the day and FEEL your body. Pay attention to what muscles are doing what. This time alone promises to restore your energy and abilities so that you can show the world exactly who you are! 4) Play time ~ everyone needs a play date whether your 5, 35, 65 and older. Spending quality time with those closest to us is imperative for a harmonious and healthy life. Do your cravings occur when you're alone, around people and not interacting OR when you're fully engaged with other people? Consider play time a good dose of Vitamin L. 5) Set yourself up to win ~ whether at home or at the office. Keep healthy food options on hand. Given we live in a 'light speed' world, we tend to limit our health by thinking it takes too much time to have the right types of food around. Stocking nutrient dense OPTIONS is cost effective as well as quick. Remember your commitment to connection, and change your mindset. You'll not only feel the relief, you'll see it!
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