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The term scoliosis was taken from a Greek word that means crooked. It is apt because scoliosis is a condition characterized by the abnormal curvature of the spine. It can be a very difficult condition that afflicts about six million people in the United States, including adults, teenagers and children. People with scoliosis often experience constant severe pain. The normal human spine should look like a loose letter S when viewed from the side but should be straight when viewed from the back. In a person afflicted with scoliosis, though, the spine could look like the letter S or the letter C even when viewed from the back. Furthermore, the spine could even be twisted. The lateral bends in a scoliotic spine are usually located in the lumbar or thoracic areas. Curves of up to 10 degrees are classified as mild scoliosis. Severe scoliosis can have spinal curvature of up to 90 degrees. Because of the curves, muscles are shortened on one side and elongated on the other side of the spine. This also causes back pain, sciatica, shallow breathing, headaches and insomnia in the patient. According to statistics, scoliosis is more prevalent among females. It often appears in childhood or adolescence but could also appear in adulthood. Some cases are congenital, with the abnormalities already present in the vertebrae from birth. There are also infantile, juvenile, adolescent or adult onset scoliosis cases which are idiopatic or with no known cause. There are some factors, though, that could contribute to the development of scoliosis. These include genetics, heredity, physical trauma, spinal muscular atrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, connective tissue disorders, nervous system abnormalities, hormonal imbalances and chronic physical or emotional stress. Orthopedic braces are used for less severe cases. This can be worn from infancy, 23 hours a day. For the worst cases, surgery is required. Bone is taken from the pelvis of the patient and is inserted into the spine along with metal rods, wires and hooks. Therapeutic massage, specifically deep tissue massage therapy, provides complementary support to medical interventions for reducing the pain experienced by patients with scoliosis. It can provide gentle traction, address constricted tissue patterns, elongate tight muscles and relax the pull on the spine. It can also soothe muscles and fascia that are overstretched. In general, the tension and stress on the spinal column is decreased and the patient's overall mobility is increased. This relieves much of the patient's pain. Massage therapy is one of the cheapest and most accessible means of giving patients with scoliosis significant relief from constant pain. Scoliosis patients living in Suffolk County, Rocky Point, Manorville, Miller Place, Mount Sinai, Port Jefferson, Ridge, Yapank, Shoreham, Weeding River, Riverhead, Setauket, East Setauket, Port Jefferson Station, Coram, Seldon, Farmingville, Brookhaven, Middle Island, Medford and Sound Beach should make the most of deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy, reflexology and pregnancy massage therapy from professional therapeutic massage spas in Rocky Point NY. Massage Envy Rocky Point 346 Route 25A, Suite 106 Rocky Point, NY 11778-8425 Phone: (631) 821-3999 Email: Website:
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