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by:GEMAY     2020-07-11
Certain techniques are created to alleviate definite body requirements and some work as real stress busters. Whether you are new to SF or a resident who would like to explore your options to find out which specific treatment would suit you best, below are two popular types of massage in San Francisco you may choose from: Hot Stone Massage Therapy As the names suggests, this therapy involves placing hot stones on certain areas of body so that muscles can relax and warmth can be provided. Such type of massage technique is good, especially if it is aimed at certain areas and muscle points of body. This therapy is used to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and to calm nervous system. The hot stones made of basalt are used during this technique along with an iron-rich type of rock which allows the stones to preserve heat. These smooth stones are placed in an electric heating device till the time they reach specific temperature after which they are strategically placed on certain muscle points on the body. Swedish Massage Therapy Considered among the most popular massage in San Francisco, New York and in rest of the United States, Swedish massage is designed to ease day to day stress and muscle tension. This therapy is also known to treat aching muscles and improve blood circulation. The techniques involved are application of gentle pressure to diminish occurrence of cramping and relax tense muscles. This therapy can be extremely effective if you get it every two weeks or at least once a month. As mentioned, these are among two most popular massage therapies in San Francisco. If you are in the city and want to explore the benefits of exclusive techniques, find out a reputed spa or center nearby your vicinity with the help of major search engine such as Google, yahoo and Bing. You may also search for massage in New York, New Jersey or anywhere else in United States. There are a lot of massagers that also pay a home visit if the patient is unable to visit the center due to time constraint or body ache.
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