Micro-current is a therapy, unlike any other.

by:GEMAY     2020-10-02
Let us first see what is Micro-current and how does EastWestMed enable you to get quick relief from pain. What is Micro-current treatment? This novel therapy uses low level electric stimuli for treating inflammation, muscle pain and other medical conditions. Every tissue in our body has its own electrical frequency. Electricity is flowing through each of our body cells. As it passes through a cell, some of the charge is stored in the cell. When we are injured or ill, cells lose their ability to hold electric charge and hence electricity bypasses them. They do not have the necessary energy to perform normal functions. Micro-current therapy recharges these cells and restores electric flow back to normal. Our body's natural healing process depends largely on the normal electricity flow through our body. In a way, Micro-current is an advanced form of acupuncture in that it stimulates our natural healing process but unlike acupuncture, it works on a much larger area. Our body has a network of wires going through it. They conduct electrical signals. When we experience pain, our nerves deliver the pain message to our brain to prompt an action. Sometimes, these nerves may still deliver pain message even if there is no pain source. This may be due to some electrical problem in body. Micro-current therapy takes care of that too. On a cellular level, this therapy increase ATP production which provides energy for carrying out all the biochemical functions. It also enhances protein synthesis, needed for tissue repair. How can Micro-current therapy help you? Patients with chronic pain can benefit from Micro-current. It is also useful for conditions such as neuropathy, fibromyalgia, sciatica, shingles and diabetic ulcers. Micro-current can also be used for injuries. A few weeks prior to the 2005 Super Bowl, NFL player Terrell Owens sustained a serious ankle injury. He used Micro-current therapy in conjunction with other treatments to save his game and deliver a fantastic performance. EastWestMed's Acutron Mentor, is an electro-therapy device widely used by acupuncturists and physical therapists. It can be used for acute and chronic pain, work-related injuries, rehabilitation, postoperative pain and treatment of extremity disorder pain. Acutron uses Micro-current and light therapy to provide rapid pain relief. Use EastWestMed's latest technology to relieve your patients of chronic pain.
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