Natural and unrestrained running quite romantic, but injuries to people around

by:GEMAY     2020-06-24
Steps is too big at the leg and bone one hundred days). Are you also a strained hamstring, a sprained ankle, knee pain due to the iliotibial band frozen tight, or encounter annoying cramps, and Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis? These common running knee, foot pain, sprain injury related to muscle power and compensatory - — The muscle of the side is too rigid, and the contralateral muscle is relatively weak. Muscle rigidity is usually derived from (( Myofascial dysfunction) , so it is particularly important to care fascia: warm up fully before motion, stretching after exercise to relax. ( The cause of the plantar fasciitis) The efficiency of shock therapy can be optimized to warm up and relax, maintain muscle elasticity and ductility, ascending motion, so as to reduce the risk of injury. Now, with the vibrate to jun to find out, how to massage with fascia gun maintenance of your body! 01 gastrocnemius ( Crus muscle) Gastrocnemius muscle rigidity of the Gastrocnemius muscle can lead to foot limited activities ( Ankle dorsiflexion, ankle plantar flexion and ankle inward turning, outside the ankle, ankle varus, ankle valgus) , which often affects the squat, bounce on the ground and plantar fasciitis. Shock therapy helps to excessive excitement of gastrocnemius, deep relaxation to restore muscle elasticity and lithe and graceful curve. A shock therapy, first touch, namely with kneading to feel calf rigid parts, in order to look for adhesion and (B, A relaxation of the surface layer of soft tissue, change into contact with larger area of physical therapy head at this time, Flat or ball head) , USES the high-grade ( High frequency vibration for relaxation of shallow tissue) And use the fascia gun's own gravity to pressure on the muscles. According to the direction of the muscle fibers, which in turn down, across the muscle fiber slide fascia gun, pay attention to avoid joint and tendon, only operation in soft tissue C, further stimulate deep structure, adopts a contact area small bullet, and at this time by a ( Low frequency easier to deep relaxation) , fixed point massage to palpate the region D, can be found in the frozen acid dynamic course, namely (somewhere on the fixed point massage at the same time, the ankle ( Buckling, stretching, spin, spin) , in order to obtain more comprehensive relaxation effect 02 hamstring ( The thigh muscle after) Easy Hamstring tendon Hamstring strain, cramps, and table before and after tension imbalance will put too much pressure on the knee. Use massage hamstring fascia gun, similar to the ABCD process above, slow evenly cover the entire muscle (first High-grade flat) 。 Start from the side to massage, and then came to the front slide up and down. During the process of CD point massage, can hold ankle experience, lift up and down to move the calf to control the tightness hamstring. The quadriceps muscle and 03 ( Thigh muscles) The Quadriceps muscle and Quadriceps femoris muscle is human body, one of the largest and the most powerful muscle, is very important to stretch the knee joint. According to the ABCD process operation fascia gun, pay attention to avoid hitting the knee joint ( With the hand protection) 。 During the process of CD fixed-point dynamic massage, can hold ankle experience, lift up and down to move the calf to control the degree of tightness of quadriceps. 04 gluteal muscles Gluteus Gluteus is after is to maintain the body upright and important muscle stretching the hip joint. Also, according to the ABCD process operation fascia gun, hand cover the pelvis, hip, ilium, only slide in soft tissue area. During the process of CD fixed-point dynamic massage, can hold experience of ankle, turn right or left crus to comprehensive gluteal muscles relax. 5 foot bottom Sole foot is many runners will experience the pain, it is general by gastrocnemius muscle, such as frozen caused by tight or posture, but appropriate massage foot can alleviate pain. At this point, the use of bullet to stimulate the deep fascia, pay attention to avoid foot bones. When fixed point massage, can hold the toes of flexion movement, in order to more fully relax muscles. Fascia gun is a good partner of runners, can help improve the body's movement pattern, optimization of coordination and balance of the force, helps runners to reduce 'muscle strain' and 'dysfunction', reduce the risk of injury, improve the running efficiency, show off their legs ', thus more carefree to enjoy every step gave birth to the joy of the wind. We would like to accompany you on every inch of the land, the park, playground, tree-lined road, streets and lanes. Running, let our hearts more freedom. Bring headphones, listen to music, holding legs is the temper perseverance, together ran to better yourself!
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