Nearly a year fascia gun was popular fitness circle, from the original only to flowers later. By the second half of 2019 prices have also been fascia gun

by:GEMAY     2020-06-28
First to popularize the fascia gun: fascia gun gun should be called the musculoaponeurotic massage, massage therapy tool for relax muscle fascia, high frequency vibration massage to relax ease muscle soreness associated with a campaign. Fascia is through a layer of compact connective tissue in the body, it has the muscles, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Can you think of it like a spider web, far-reaching sense. When our bodies have remained in a gesture, the elasticity of the fascia becomes poor, slowly will be more and more nervous, when dehydrated, adhesion and contracture, can appear a series of strain and pathological changes. The change of the fascia and damage is the main cause of muscle pain let a person appears. Massage through the physical way promote the fascia of fluid exchange, can help metabolism * * discharge directly and effectively reduce the adhesion, repair damaged fascia. Fascia, therefore, it is particularly important to relax. Fascia gun high frequency vibration quickly and efficiently, convenient operation, the effect is remarkable, therefore is loved by everyone. From function, the frequency of the fascia gun, strength is an important factor that affect experience is I will mainly through ( 1) Appearance ( 2) Blow frequency ( 3) The noise reduction performance ( 4) Battery life ( 5) Use the feeling ( 6) After-sales service ( 7) Ratio of the several aspects to compare.
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