Now the most popular muscle relaxation in sports circle equipment is what? Is of course the fascia gun. During strenuous exercise, our muscles will produce little trauma, in the process of muscle repair

by:GEMAY     2020-06-17
Different from ordinary massager massage class that occupy the home, massage fascia gun is through strong high frequency vibration ( Minimum 1800 d/min), 3200 d/min) Massage to relax the body muscles, can make the tight and stiff muscles relax, reduce pain resulting from discomfort after exercise. These can be attributed to the fascia gun use 24 v high-power brushless motor, the credit of fascia gun motor with double bearing rotating structure, massage to relax the penetrate hypodermic 10 mm deep muscle group, progressive crushed the movement produced by lactic acid accumulation, bring you go deep inside the body massage experience. Fascia gun as a relaxing massage equipment, mute the low noise, of course, there is a high demand, so electrical production of fascia Wan Zhida gun brushless motor with a new generation of noise reduction technology, motor using the noise control at 45 db range, is like a whisper, let the body tired sore to zero in the vibration of the silent. At the same time thanks to Wan Zhida miniature gaiden the use of child brushless motor, the characteristics of small size, large torque motor enables the control of the entire fascia gun products weight 1 kg of less than, a single user, massage hands free. As a booming global product, now fascia gun market competition intensifying, fascia gun manufacturers need through the application of new materials and new technology to improve the product function models. Wan Zhida motor for fascia gun r&d is adapted to the massage products now in facilitation, differentiation, under the premise of the fashion, in the face of lower level limitation of homogeneous competition. In addition, we can according to customer requirements to provide fascia guns and other kind of massager motor drive design and product customization, provides a continuous research and development hotspot, create value for the industry technological progress together.
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